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Devicemeister updates Stepic for Ableton Live to v1.3


Devicemeister has updated Stepic - their hybrid Max for Live and VST3 Step and Modulation Sequencer for Ableton Live - to version 1.3.

Included Changes:

  • New MIDI Target Device Manager.
  • New Modulation Default Value Option: 'Off'.
  • New Pattern Save Mode: Instant.
  • Improved parameter assignment in MIDI CC Modulation Mode.
  • Improved representation of selected Chord and Scales Notes.

The developer says:

The new MIDI Target Device Manager is dedicated to users who use Stepic to control MIDI CC capable hardware. It is now possible to store complete MIDI maps in the Device Manager. Their parameters are then made available to the modulation sequencers via drop-down lists.

The new instant save mode immediately applies changes to the current pattern. Explicit saving is no longer necessary and generally allows for smoother and more intuitive pattern handling. For existing users, the new mode can be activated via Stepic's Global Settings. For new users, Instant Pattern Save is enabled by default.

For disabled modulation sequencers, their set default values were always sent at the beginning of the pattern. In some cases, this caused unwanted behavior. The new 'Off' option allows users to turn off the sending of default values.

The new note selectors for Scales and Chords have been enlarged and colored. They are now much easier to see, especially on notebook screens.



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