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EGDR808 - 808 Drum Machine

Reviewed By MisterHunt [all]
June 6th, 2017
Version reviewed: 2.13 on iOS

This app is really disappointing and frustrating. It looks like an 80's drummatix but that's where the Similarities end. Its not programmable and doesn't work as promised. These developers have given apps a bad name.

This is how they work. They bombard you with promises to unlock features with purchase but it's a trick - a trap - a fraud. It doesn't unlock the features and the app doesn't work as advertised.

There are so many better free apps than this for drums. And the best paid drum one is garage band.

The best part of this experience was learnt a lesson. There are crooks in the app business. And to be more careful when I part with my hard earned.

'This app is crap - spread the word.

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