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Helsinki,, Finland

Futucraft develops audio software for musicians and producers seeking for electronic flavor in their music. We are devoted to futuristic sounds and music and channel this enthusiasm to our design. Futucraft was founded as a one man project to develop Kairatune virtual instrument. The project has drawn like minded musicians and producers together, leading Futucraft's evolution into a company ran by a team of music and software professionals and artists.

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Reviewed By Trader One
January 10th, 2022

Simple synth for acid music. Sound is good and unusual. Fast to make new sounds. Its pretty inspiring, you can enjoy fun know from HW synths - just turn random knobs and see what it will do.

It really needs MSEG or at least 32 step ARP.

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Reviewed By Synthesis
October 19th, 2018

I legitimately don't know why this only has four stars. Thanks to options like trill and delay, this is pretty much the ultimate ambient plugin. You can make warm pads, epic leads, and amazing FX. Also, once you get the hang of it, you can even start using it to make dubstep wobbles and growls. I'm shocked it's free; this could easily go for $30+.

Another amazing part of this is the interface. This plugin not only sounds amazing, it looks amazing. Working with this plugin is so, so much fun, and if you produce any kind of electronic music, this plugin is a must-have.

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Reviewed By ZacoOne
July 23rd, 2017

Excellent free synth plugin! Grants you the ability to create awesome sounds. Would rate 10 if it were polyphonic, but its free. Can't complain to much...

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Reviewed By orange
February 11th, 2012

well for a free plug you cant go wrong with this one..


this thing sounds nice and organic, it fits electronic music in the trance/psytrance/techno very very nice.

the oscillators are sharp and clean with a fat and playful character. although there is a small aliasing in the very high registers but nothing that will hold you back.

it fits easy in the mix and this is very important.

envelopes could be a tad better for fast attack short release trance basslines, dont get me wrong they are tight but could be a bit tighter/faster specially when used in 16th sequences with fast attack short decay/release.


well it has some weird modulation slots specially in the lfo domain.. its not the usual stuff but very creative.

could do with some more straightforward approach but it works nonetheless.


i could do with more filter options but the ones provided work very good, sound nice and there isnt any noticeable stepping for that smooth filtering action.

resonance could be better for some self oscillating pads and atmos.


its nice and easy on the eyes but the unconventional approach could scare some since it doesn't have the usual analog style.

personally i like it since it makes me to get out of my comfort zone and produce some excellent sounds.


i wish this thing was polyphonic.. i can imagine that those nice and fat oscillators would produce some great and super fat polyphonic sounds.

its fairly light on the CPU overall but i have seen some odd performance in studio one v2 (but this maybe is a host issue cos it works very smooth in flstudio 10)

all in all this is excellent i dont give it a 10 just cos i feel this thing needs a polyphonic version.. and i would pay for it.

its a lead workhorse for me.. for the standart lead sounds but mainly for the organic psychedelic sounds and fx.

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Reviewed By Fred e
September 26th, 2011

Love at first bleep! This one is going to be another classic. Great one-screen UI with convenient sized knobs and popup tool tips that quickly explain how stuff works.

Mainly it makes wobbly leads, FX and warm basses. Sound quality is excellent, warm but yet distinct and sharp, fits easily into a mix. The modulation wiring comes with some unusual LFO trickery, "trill/vibra" (?) that gives an instant glitchy sound character. First time I have seen an LFO modulated drive.

Feels stable, little CPU payoff, documentation is integrated in the UI, presets are perfect for electro/trance/techno and related genres. A must have!
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