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BFD launches new website with 3.4 software update, new user portal, and expansion pack offer

BFD Drums

BFD Drums today launched their new website, bfddrums.com. The new website will serve as the online hub for all things BFD, including an online store, inMusic Profile management, and more. This new website is BFD's first major step towards solidifying a new brand image since being acquired by inMusic.

Free Expansion Pack for Existing BFD3 Users

To celebrate the launch of the new site, BFD is offering a free Expansion Pack to all existing BFD3 users who migrate over to the new site. To begin the migration, BFD asks that all customers log into their existing accounts on fxpansion.com. Once logged in, users will see the option to automatically migrate their data to a new inMusic Profile on bfddrums.com. After following a few short steps, user information will be permanently moved to the new site and BFD3 users will have access to a free Expansion Pack among their existing BFD3 products. An inMusic Profile on bfddrums.com is required to continue receiving updates and support for BFD3 and its compatible Expansions and Groove Packs. If you own BFD3 please visit this link for additional information on migrating to the new website.

BFD3 (v3.4) Update

In addition to a new website and Expansion Pack offer, there is also an update to the core BFD3 software. BFD3 (v3.4) introduces a number of under-the-hood improvements as well as an all new per-voice Envelope Shaper and a suite of effects from AIR Music Technology. The brand new Envelope Shaper is a versatile sound design tool, empowering users to further shape the transients of each individual BFD3 kit piece to taste.

BFD3 now has thirteen of the most popular AIR effects built-in:

  • AIR Compressor.
  • AIR Lo-Fi (Decimator).
  • AIR Distortion.
  • AIR Dyn3Compressor.
  • AIR Economy Reverb.
  • AIR Expander.
  • AIR Maximizer.
  • AIR Non-Linear Reverb.
  • AIR Saturation Filter.
  • AIR Spring Reverb.
  • AIR Stereo Reverb.
  • AIR Transient.
  • AIR Tube Driver.


Discussion: Active
19 April 2021 at 9:25pm

Though I'm a big fan of BFD, I'm disappointed by the quality of the new website. It seems unfinished and not ready for the whole process of shifting from fxpansion.

20 April 2021 at 7:00pm

the process of migrating BFD3 and my 2 Expansions was a bit tricky, but succeeded at the end. But i am disappointed too, because registering Metal Snares was successful but it was not possible to dl this gift expansion with the BFD License Manager. No dl speed (DL Speed?) the most time. Win 10 unusable, when BFD License Manager "running"

The "old" FxPansion License Manager was also working very slow and therefore i dl most stuff (Geist1, 2 etc.) from my account at fxpansion.

Here at inmusicbrands.com i have no option to dl from my account yet: ! No downloads for this product. Please check later.

I also couldn't get my free Groove Pack. Contact is not working. Clicking on the submit button...nothing happens...

They should have wait a few days more and check their site before going online.

24 April 2021 at 3:56pm

Why does it not work offline?????

25 April 2021 at 3:22am

I also migrated and I can't download Horsepower, my expansion choice. In addition since migrating I lost all access to any of my bfd2 kits and kit pieces.

also bfd3 after being loaded for a while will start to shorten their sustain on ALL the drums and I have to kill the track I have in Cubase 11 and then reload the instrument to get it to work again.

Also, I'm having issues with the sound from BFD3 just stopping working and I have to kill the track and then reload BFD to get it to work again. I'm on a Mac Pro late 2013 running catalina.

anyone else having issues like this?

4 May 2021 at 1:15am

So far a complete waste of my time trying to switch across. I really wonder if there is any quality control going on here? If this was an airplane they would all be crashed on the ground. Frustrated beyond belief.

26 April 2021 at 2:48pm

Big F*cking Drums Drums?

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