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Laras Composition
Reviewed By oldcastle
August 4th, 2021

What a wonderful application! It's an oasis for beginners, and a time saver for the advance ones.

BTW: I'm using Linux, but the review form doesn't list Linux as a OS.

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Laras Composition
Reviewed By Alfonx
July 8th, 2021

This is an awesome Tool! I just tried your composition tool and i am totaly happy :).

I am learning more and more music theory and want to get deeper into this musical stuff and your tool will help me to understand the world of chord progressions.

I just tried about 30 Minutes and imported a midifile in Ableton and it sound great.

I think i will create a new track in near future. :).

You did a great work! I would be happy to donate something - let me know if you have the possibility to donate to you.

Greetings from Germany.



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