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Reviewed By frogflake08021124 [all]
June 7th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.3.0 on Windows

I have been using about 7month, became big fan. Innovative that feels history. New fuzz sound like.
distortion algorithm can be analog or digital. astonishingly the get fluctuation of device between analog~digital !!!
Distortion module is even when used alone pretty tasty of high quality.
Moduration mode: OSC my favorite. Modulates faster add solid, rich overtone.
in LFO shape and modulation speed, filter/distortion order of things or ON/OFF.There are endless combinations.

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Reviewed By kingfear [all]
November 9th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Best multi effect for the price/features ratio. I originally bought it as something to use on a touch screen, as it seemed fairly live friendly. While it's not ideal, it does work better than 90% of plugins. It has a demo, so I'd recommend you try it before you buy if that's your intended usage.

However, upon more usage I've found this to be a great sound mangler/transformer. You want to really transform that pad/drone/whatever into something completely different? Here you are. The plugin has 23 effects and a "thru" that you can insert in the chain. Each effect has an XY pad (that an be automated), and separate sequencer for both X and Y axis (which combine with the automation semi-gracefully). The sequencer is from 1 up to 16 steps with variable speed. So polyrythmic modulations are not only possible but really easy.

As is obvious, with 23 effects there's more than one effect that is not especially shiny (depending on taste, of course). But conversely they're all good quality and can fit almost any need.

All in all, I would rate this plugin firmly as "very useful". I don't personally find it very exciting, but considering that I use it almost everywhere I find it hard to criticize this plugin in any meaningful way.

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Reviewed By DJMashbot [all]
December 8th, 2012
Version reviewed: 8 on Windows

Gorgon by Inear Display is a great sounding multi-effect plugin. While the main focus is on distortion, it also has a ring modulator, fm mod, delay, bitcrusher and filter. When used subtly, it does a fantastic job of adding saturation and grit to a sound. When taken to extremes, it can mangle an audio signal beyond recognition. The only downside is a lack of modulation options, in that there is one envelope generator, but no LFOs. There are also few presets, but it is a very straightforward effect, and it doesn't take long to figure out how to wield it effectively. Gorgon's best feature is simply to ability to make sounds much fuller without amping up the volume. With a very mild amount of bitcrushing combined with a moderate amount of drive, it can add a warm, gritty crunch that is well suited to electro and dubstep sounds. It can also utilize its delay circuit to add feedback, ring modulate a sound, and filter it to completely alter its input. It isn't a plugin that can do every single thing you could ever possibly want to do to a sound, but overall, it is fantastic distortion plugin, and really can't be beat for the price.

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