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28 May 2015Kong Audio releases Bian Zhong: the Crowning Bells of China Sampled Instrument for Windows 9 Feb 2015Kong Audio releases BianZhong BZ Bells App for iPad 2 Apr 2014Kong Audio releases Chinee Orchestra SE 27 Jan 2014Kong Audio announces Chinee Orchestra Standard Edition 17 Dec 2013#KVRDeal Expired Kong Audio Chinee Series Big Winds Pack Holiday Special: 20% Off 26 Nov 2013Kong Audio updates Chinee Orchestra and all Chinee Series instruments to v2.11 16 Jul 2013Kong Audio holds a Computer Game Music Contest with MIDIFAN 1 Jul 2013Kong Audio releases Chinee Orchestra Box Version and updates all Chinee Series instruments 28 Jun 2013#KVRDeal Expired Kong Audio Chinee Orchestra Box Version Launch Promotion with Free Shipping 17 Apr 2013Chinee Orchestra Boxset is about to arrive 4 Feb 2013#KVRDeal Expired Kong Audio Chinese New Year Special Sale - Buy Xun and BaWu, get Nan-Xiao for free 23 Jan 2013Kong Audio updates QIN RV engine to v2.09 30 Dec 2012Kong Audio updates QIN RV Engine to 2.08 with x64 support 23 Dec 2012#KVRDeal Expired Kong Audio Time-Limited Holiday No-Brainer Deals 26 Nov 2012Kong Audio updates ChineeXun and releases QIN RV 2.0 engine update for the free ChineeGuZheng Classic 6 Aug 2012Kong Audio releases Chinee Orchestra, including 8 new instruments and QIN RV 2.0 engine upgrade 8 Nov 2011Kong Audio releases ChineeGuZheng Classic as Freeware 27 Oct 2011Kong Audio announces Chinee Orchestra - Complete Chinese Orchestra 16 May 2011Kong Audio unveils Chinee Series QIN Edition 16 May 2011Kong Audio releases ChineeSanXian and ChineeGuZheng II (incl. $20 No-Brainer Intro Deal)

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„Chinese Works“ online
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Bian Zhong tuning / scale
by woggle at 15 Feb 2018, 03:24

No sound in qin RV standalone
by sosayweall at 15 Feb 2018, 03:09

Happy Chinese New Year
by sosayweall at 15 Feb 2018, 03:00

Happy New Year of the Rooster to all!
by sosayweall at 27 Jan 2017, 07:31

Planning on buying VST package. Help!!
by sosayweall at 22 Apr 2016, 01:07

Happy New Year of the Monkey to all!
by sosayweall at 8 Feb 2016, 17:57

Do you ever want to make western orchestral instruments (vst)?
by thejonsolo at 10 Oct 2015, 07:56

Is there anyone fluent in French can help?
by sosayweall at 1 Aug 2015, 08:28

Bian Zhong/Bian Zhong Pro: the Crowning Bells of China Released!
by mdrmusic at 15 Jul 2015, 02:15

How to load plugin into SONAR?
by sosayweall at 22 Jun 2015, 02:17

BianZhong BZ Bells App for iPad released
by woggle at 29 May 2015, 04:44

Happy New Year of the Goat to all!
by affu933 at 9 May 2015, 06:06

Happy Customer
by sosayweall at 10 Mar 2015, 00:46

by Spitfire31 at 2 Feb 2015, 23:10

National Holiday: 10/1-10/7
by sosayweall at 29 Sep 2014, 19:19

User demo
by sosayweall at 13 Jul 2014, 18:27

Chinee Orchestra SE released: A Chinese Sound Palette for Everyone
by sosayweall at 8 Jun 2014, 19:08

Chinee Orchestra SE Demo Project Pack Available!
by sosayweall at 8 Jun 2014, 19:05

No-brainer ErHu I Holiday Promo Deals and QIN RV 2.08 Update and More!
by sosayweall at 15 May 2014, 02:44



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