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Reviewed By geeseaplenty
May 17, 2005

I only review bona-fide synth gems, and Karnage is no exception. It is a "must download," and if you haven't yet expanded your musical pallette with this jewel, you are either ignorant or lazy (fill in some more insulting adjectives here, if you wish).

First, and let's face it, almost the most important: GUI (I'm shallow that way). Visually pleasant, economical, and fun. Intuitive too, so that making useful patches right away becomes easy. I love the soft blue motif; chunky dials; and big, bold font indicating octave and "on" and "off."

I created a bank of inspiring tempo sync'd patches within ten minutes of playing with this thing, and I usually hate sequenced patches.

The filter is very smooth and bubbly and the onboard delay and distortion are handy.

I commend Ian and Krim for incorporating two of most critical effects into the synth. If all this means dick to you, and you just wanna play, the full patch bank offers a great selection of insanely satisfying patches. I guarantee you, it will be one of your "go-to" synths--and we all can't have enough of those, can we?Read Review

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