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Kush Audio

With a focus on sleek industrial design, innovative product concepts, and artistically intuitive user interfaces, Kush Audio is redefining what customers want and expect from their pro audio gear and the people who create it.

Products by Kush Audio

Latest reviews of Kush Audio products

Reviewed By 2cynikal
October 18th, 2021

Warm with round edges, Goldplate is a beautiful, silky-sounding plate reverb. The GUI is intuitive and the sound is rich and nuanced. I personally use it as a bit of a 'character' plate, as it has more about it than say Valhalla, Soundtoy or a stock DAW plate.

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Reviewed By Analogue_addict
June 16th, 2020

AR-1 is a great Vari-Mu with very nice tones. I like how it works with transients.

I use it often in my projects, it gives a nice analogue feel with pleasant saturation that can vary from dark to bright tones. Recommended to anyone who is looking for a cool Vari-Mu Comp.

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Omega TWK
Reviewed By Analogue_addict
June 16th, 2020

I own both TWK & 485A and I like to use them on individual tracks. They give great saturation and raise the clarity in most of cases due to some pleasant distortion add, "rounding" the signals and giving them some more feel of volume.

However, dont overuse it on mix Bus as it can smooth the atacks of your Low frequencies.

I ve noticed that they have slightly different frequency curves with Oversampling on/off, try both modes to select the one matching better for your needs.

Great plugins, indeed.

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Reviewed By alienimplant
March 11th, 2019

This thing is astounding. It has already saved numerous mastering jobs when the kick and bass stems have been anemic. I'm blown away. Just stunning on bass, kicks and anything else in need of low-end fullness and beauty. Bravo Kush! Bravo.

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UBK Pusher
Reviewed By tommyzai
December 3rd, 2015


UBK Pusher by Kush Audio (aka The House of Kush) is a magical hybrid magnetic DSP color box that effectively combines compression and saturation into one big sweet sounding audio plugin. This is primarily a color infuser with a bit of compression to keep it neat and tidy without losing any flare. The overall sound is driven by four distinct metallic colors: Cobalt, Iron, Nickel, and Steel, which can be mixed together to create a unique blend of saturated tones. There is a wide pallet of timbres that range from subtle harmonics to in-your-face distortion mayhem. Nowadays, I tend to be much more conservative when effecting tracks, so I was a little worried that Pusher would be too extreme for most of my recordings. My worries were quickly put to rest. This plugin is very capable of adding a pleasing tape‑like warmth. I especially dig using it to add thickness on bass, bass drum, floor toms, and other low-end stuff. However, if used wisely, Pusher can add character to any kind of track. I was able to crank up some of the parameters and bring dead snares and boring guitars back to life. I had a little trouble with cymbal tracks at first, but soon after discovered that adjusting the wet/dry as well as the saturation core levels and ratio was the key to a nice, crisp sound on high end stuff. Sometimes you just need a little more nickel and a little less steel.

Pusher is based on a parallel signal chain involving transformer-tape-head saturation modeling, along with dynamic processing. In simple terms, this thing does some groovy things and sounds sweet. The learning curve is shallow, and
there is a Cheat Mode that serves as an easy-to-understand, helpful hint page to speed up the process.


• Fun, creative interface.

• Innovative.

• Fun to tweak with lots of control.

• Flexible range of tones.

• Excellent presets and management.

• Stable.

• Reasonably priced.

• Forward-thinking, responsive developer.


• The graphics of the interface may not be for everyone; however, I dig it! What's wrong with being slightly abstract?

• iLok required.


Pusher is accurately dubbed a "magnetic color box." And, based on my noodling, the palette and tones are strikingly good! The main focus and charm of this plugin is the coloration of the four periodic table elements; yet, the compressor serves as glue to keep it tight and together. In my opinion, this is one of those rare plugins that are addictive — once you try it, you want to use it more and more. Perhaps this is why they called it,"Pusher!" The House of Kush claims that their plugins will "Feed Your Muse" — and I have to agree! I highly recommend this plugin to any eMusician, producer, or sound designer looking for a tasteful intensification device for shaping their tracks. Tommy Zai gives Pusher two colorful thumbs up. Thank you, House of Kush, for developing such a cool plugin.

Note: I would like to rate this a 9.5, but that's not an option. 9 would be insulting, so 10 it is.

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