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Reviewed By andreezias
July 16th, 2022

Melhor por enquanto. Tem bons presets disponíveis. Muito fácil de mexer e entender. Cobre os principais sistemas operacionais.

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Reviewed By Fraggle
April 16th, 2022

It's Serum 2021 - I love Steve Duda's masterpiece, but Vital is better.
I design wavetables, and the Serum editor is more feature packed, but Vital's editor is optimized excellently and it is fun to use. Serum's in comparison feels clunky.

If Vital we're $250 I would have bought it .

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Reviewed By Qshunt Music
November 27th, 2021

What can I say, that 99 percent of these other excellent reviews haven't said?

I absolutely LOVE this synthesizer.

It is a staple in my studio and will be for an indefinite amount of time.

I was so impressed, I bought the Pro version for a mere $80.

Matt Tytel has programmed an absolute beast of a synthesizer that you should definitely have in your studio.

It's not just "Good-because-it's-free", it's more like "How-can-this-astounding-synth-possibly-be-free?"
I say that Matt deserves your money. I reckon you would probably be more than happy to support him too, about five minutes after installing it.
Tons of modulation options and some awesome morph stuff with the wavetables.
Text-to-wavetable is a really cool and useful feature for sound creation.
The Spectral Morph feature is clever.

10/5 stars. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
Look up my username on Soundcloud to hear it in action, as I use it for 90 percent of my synth parts.

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Reviewed By street spirit
August 19th, 2021

Its cool, like a knock of of Serum. BUT. Whats with the no support for free virgin, you cant even post a topic in their forum....

I'll keep my 25$. edit: Also the osc phase is totally unusable for a psytrance style bassline. Its all over the place, like it doesnt recognize) phase position at all. The wave text editor is pretty neat though, and the effects arent to shabby.

Filter isnt that great either. I really just dont like all the loopholes for a pro version, i really dont.

Not sure what the hype is all about TBH.

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Reviewed By binbasteni
August 5th, 2021

Amazing and powerful synth, lots of features (modulation and sound fx) and beautiful and inspiring user interface.

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Reviewed By Eine Alte Oma
August 5th, 2021

a synth at this scale as a free plugin. holy fuck. ofc i give it 5 stars. and honestly, well deserved as well. i have a really hard time actually finding aspects that i find worse than in serum without being pedantic. an example would be that is suffers from the typical sensitive mode mouse-event issues of juce plugins. but as i said: pedantic af. here the thigns that i love most about this synth:

1. the fact that it has a speech synthesizer for wavetable creation. how sick is that?

2. the parameters next to each oscillator which are used to really smash the wavetable into whole other directions. it's a bit like serum's warp modes, but 2 of them and with way fancier options.

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Reviewed By PebbleInAStream
July 6th, 2021

Lots of functionality and modulation capabilities, smooth GUI. Only downside is it sounds rather thin. Mad props to Matt Tytel for releasing it for free. All in all, it may not be able to stand toe to toe with the "big boy" synths, but for it's great features it's a superb beginner/learner's softsynth.

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Reviewed By mixyguy2
June 2nd, 2021

The reviews do not exaggerate. One of the best synths I own and I own plenty. Great UI, great sound, versatile...if you want a good synth and don't download this, you are a fool. It's amazing this is offered for free.

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