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Reviewed By skarabee
December 6, 2017

I was looking for a tiny but powerfull live arpegiator/sequencer plug-in and found Kameleono.

Kameleono is a real new MIDI machine, with lots of innovative features. Can be used for live play (sequences/bass lines), you can use your own MIDI files or patterns in your DAW to send rythmic sequences and play live (or send chords/notes track), Kameleono will sequence your favourite virtual instrument.

one-finger chord mode, scales, many latch modes, transpose in and out. The sequence can pick velocity/pan/mod from the rythmic pattern or input notes (or a mix of both)

Tested with Cubase, Live, and Mulab, very stable. Also tested with Bitwig demo, can't find more simple: drag/drop Kameleono, drag/drop a synth behind and you're ready to play with Kameleono's pattern presets.

Also tested with 3 instances: one for bassline, 2 for synths, all in sync, no hiccups.

If you want to use patterns on your DAW, once you have understood the way it works (one MIDI track for rythm datas > kameleono, one MIDI track for notes input > Kameleono, one MIDI track for your VSTi with Kameleono as input), it's very easy and fun to use.

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