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Monster DAW

Monster DAW is the host of Cool Audio Plugins, made by Agus Hardiman, a music producer and audio educator (Steinberg Certified Trainer).

Our plugins are #MonsterDrumVST, a free Drum ROMpler with multi kit genres ranging from Pop, Rock, Metal to Jazz, and everything in between. Check it here.

Our #GoldenPianoVST is a free Piano VST that highlights the '80s/'90s, the Golden era of music. Check it here.

There are other cool audio plugins too, so check it out at https://MonsterDAW.com/


Products by Monster DAW

Latest reviews of Monster DAW products

Monster Drum VST
Reviewed By maxept
July 15, 2021

It's very cool drum Plug-in! I like some sounds of it so much! There are different kits made by different people so I'm shure you will find something sounding good for you.

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Monster Drum VST
Reviewed By Ballard
July 11, 2021

Is really good for the very few resources it consumes, both in hard disk space and RAM. Very easy to install and use. Good selection of sounds. Aside from regular acoustic drums and edm kits have some interesting sounds like cajon. Also have multi out. One thing that could be better is the use of reverb as a send effect for every piece individually. And some kits have a lot of room reverb already so a more dry sample could be useful. Overall is a must have, is a really nice instrument for a very low CPU usage.

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Monster Drum VST
Reviewed By Zig
July 6, 2021

No fuss, easy to download and install. Sounds are not bad at all. Quite useful. The reverb is good. Depending on the drum sound the reverb is at times useless because it doesn't have any parameters. Only wet and dry but hey, wadda ya want? There are plenty of high quality reverbs out there. The interface is easy to use. It is appealing and I used MIDI drum files to trigger the VST. It only crashed once when I pasted the free sounds into my VST folder but it's been stable ever since. Great little VST. Thanks.

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