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Muse Research
+(650) 326-5400 X 1 / sales@museresearch.com
+(650) 326-5400 / support@museresearch.com
Muse Research and Development, Inc. , 1530 Meridian Avenue , 3rd Floor, San Jose, CA. 95125, USA

Muse Research is the creator of the legendary RECEPTOR series of hardware plug-in players. Used by top touring and performing artists the world-over, Receptor makes it possible to run Windows VST format virtual instruments and effects in a dedicated software host environment the emphasizes performance and stability. With a development track record that spans over 10 years and with thousands of units sold, the Receptor is the industry standard device for playing live or in the studio using virtual instruments and effects.

Receptor is currently in its third generation of hardware with the introduction of the Receptor VIP, Receptor TRIO, and Receptor QU4TTRO models. Designed and built in California, the new Receptor line features 64-bit operating systems and advanced performance features such as LIVE MODE that lets you organize your presets in to a virtual set list for use at a gig. The TRIO and QU4TTRO models also come bundled with the PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL interface which provides up to 18 inputs and outputs at one time.

The world's top touring acts rely on Receptors night in and night out to run even the most demanding plug-ins in oftentimes harsh environments. And even casual musicians appreciate the fact that Receptor, thanks to its dedicated hardware design, makes your virtual instruments and effects behave like they were, well, real and not virtual.

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