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Palmary Collection
Reviewed By zisser
May 20, 2020

Really liked the creative tools and options in all these plugins. Each plugins adds something that usually is not expected.

The SpeakerSim is really cool and can dial in some very nice effects on vocals.

The Vocal Finalizer is really helpful and creative as well.

Overall liked the collection and definitely going to use it in my next projects.

Here is a demo and review: https://youtu.be/w710f5piT04

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Rule Tec Heritage Pro
Reviewed By quilys
April 1, 2019

A perfect emulation, it sounds analog, it sounds fat, it sounds creamy and very 80's, anything that I throw the improvement, open sound, highly recommended to use in the master of the DAW, congratulations for having created a plug-in created a plug-in that will shine for a long time. In regards to this emulation, the term "magical" seems to be appropriate. There's something about a Rule Tec Heritage Pro that enhances anything you run through it, even if you don't apply any EQ. There's a glow that happens within the tubes and transformers that adds some weight in the low end and opens up the top. Amazing piece of software.

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