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Roland Cloud
Reviewed By Trader One
January 8th, 2022

To get access to retro Roland stuff which is most interesting part of offering you need to buy the highest level which is kinda expensive if you are only after their top 4 synths. You can also buy plugins for one time payment but it's very difficult to find pricing on their web pages.

as you can expect plugins checking online license very often. It means no Internet - no work. Sometimes you have Internet but their license server is not doing the best work. You can keep retrying, it will get fixed after one day.

Sound wise these plugins are average, you can find better retro gear emulation with another vendors. I would not say that Cloud is exceptionally bad, Roland just working that way and getting any kind of support is pretty difficult.

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Roland Cloud
Reviewed By dj_echo
August 23rd, 2021

I had it, then I cancelled the subscription. I don't think they are as good an emulation as they could be...they certainly don't stand out and make me think WOW over and above any other emulations of their classic stuff. The SH101 and XV emulations were good, not sure why anybody would want a Sound Canvas emulation...some of the older ROMpler style synths really show the age of the original units. Sampling has come on a long way since then. I think the Model 84 takes the crown of best Juno 106 emulator over Rolands own offering. The 303 was ok but I ended up buying the Behringer TD3 which I love. The 808 and 909 were ok but I think I ended up preferring the D16 emulations.

The UI's are pretty horrible, finding presets and the way they use banks is awful. It just wasn't a pleasant experience. All in, they are years behind the latest developers which leads me to believe they are trading on name and reputation and just aren't putting the effort in for a premium product.

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Roland Cloud
Reviewed By LeftyMontongo
September 18th, 2020

the Roland cloud (like other Roland products I've tried) suffers from poor build quality and terrible customer service. They're fun until something goes wrong: then kiss your money goodbye. the tech support people are glorified salespeople, and you should expect to be monetized at every stage in spite of their total lack of responsiveness.

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