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7 May 2019 at 4:45pm

I would defy anyone to purchase another Roland product after the awful experience I had trying to get replacement pots (Alps RK11K1140AFG) for a FC-300 foot controller.

Pots are disposable, they wear out. If you use them then sooner or later they will need replacing. But can you get them for Roland products? Can you?

I initially contacted them in Sept 2018 and have spent months playing their merry games.

In the words of my local Roland UK dealer, through which Roland directs me to make spare part requests : "just so you know I can only contact Roland Spares via email and they take 3-5 days to reply. So its a long slow process Im afraid."

After 3 weeks of waiting for a reply I gave up that particular route.

I've tried contacting Alps. They refuse to supply the log variant of the RK11K1140A3L which is what you'll need.

Their UK service repair engineers (all 3rd party agents) have brushed me off.

Contrast this experience with Novation support:

I had a dodgey pitchbend on an ageing 61SL mk2. A quick webchat with their support where they asked me to recalibrate. I'd already tried it so he forwarded me to servicing. They emailed next day. I replied. 2 days later a new pitchbend assembly popped through the letterbox completely free of charge.

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