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satYatunes is Satya Choudhury - A professional sound and graphic designer, demo writer, beta tester and programmer.

Sound Design:
Satya has contributed factory sounds for Tone 2, Linplug, Melda MXXX and MPowerSynth, Wusikstation, Dune 2 and Arto Vaarala Cream. All presets have "sT" suffix.

Graphic and UI Design:

Satya has designed and released several free skins for VST plugins. Notable examples are:

  • Harbor Blue for Dune 2.
  • 5 Beautiful skins for BlueArp.
  • Blue and Orange skin for Nova-67P.
  • Light theme for Blue Cat Audio's Freeware and Dynamic 4.
  • Light and Dark theme for Blue Cat Audio's Patchwork plugin.

In addition to free skins, Satya has released commercial skins for Dune 2, Melda and Synthmaster and have designed UI for Kontakt libraries. Please visit http://satyatunes.com for entire portfolio.

Apart from Sound and Graphic Design, Satya is also a programmer and possess excellent knowledge and vast experience on website design and development using HTML5/CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap 3, Wordpress and other platforms.

Following additional services are available:

  • Logo design.
  • Website design and development.
  • Cover artwork for soundsets / albums.

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