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215 Harvard Ave., #12, Boston, MA 02134

SoundBridge is a music production powerhouse providing state-of-the art software and educational products. Our team consist of music producers and musicians with years of professional experience working in all aspects of music technology.

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SoundBridge DAW

Reviewed By peferling [all]
June 13th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.10 on Windows

This is a great, simple and easy to DAW with basic functionality that is well laid out and intended for use with touch screens. All relevant edit tools are visible and easily accessible on the screen. The DAW also includes a complete set of basic FX plugins, and will also scan and use 3rd party plugins.

Note: I had issues with Ozone 8 plugins freezing up the application v1.09, and a simple email generated a quick response and a timely update to fix. 5 stars for customer service on that.

The DAW can be used as standalone or integrates with their Skytrack.io online collaboration and cloud tool, (which I'm also evaluating).

I suggest new users give this DAW a try. While it's free, I did not factor that into the review. It works as designed.

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SoundBridge DAW

Reviewed By withandi [all]
April 6th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.08 on Windows

Very good DAW application for beginners and people on the budget.

Stable release since version 1.07 altho plugin scan is bit slow with a big plugins library and can hang for few moments.

For Ableton fans and those who are bit borred with it's interface it's a good hybrid between Live and Cubase.

There is a bundle of essential plugins to start including stuff like EQ, Compressor, Limiter and many of modulation plugins like Flanger etc.

Only thing you may lack in whole pack is some kind of sampler or native synth but let it won't turn your head off - it's a free DAW with lot's of functions to dig in.

To sum up must say it's a very descent choice for everyone who need basic DAW application for running your own collection of favourite vst's.

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