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Sugar Audio

Sugar Audio builds the sweetest Audio Plug-Ins for Windows and Mac. It is a business located in south Germany near Stuttgart.

More than 20 years of experience in coding with the most common programming languages, many years of experience in making music, playing instruments & learning music theory and some years of experience in mixing, mastering and sound design make plug-in development a passion.

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Reviewed By Gaton [all]
March 9th, 2023
Version reviewed: latest on Mac

UI is okay for me, I don't buy plugins for their UI. I would like to buy things functional, good looking UI is not what I need in my career.

The multi-Track function is good enough and works perfectly on M1 Mac.

The upgrade is acceptable, at least they supported m1 in 2021, faster than most of the plugins.

The feature is the most powerful I have ever seen in the market even coming to 2023.

Learn and try should be processed before every purchase, no one can guarantee what surprise will the major OS platform give you.

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Reviewed By sigmundklaus [all]
January 6th, 2021
Version reviewed: 3.7 on Windows

** Edit:

Don't judge any software based on reviews. This is just an opinion from a random guy.

* Edit:

I may have been a little unfair for giving only one star to the plugin.

I'll give the plugin two ratings and average the two:

-feature list: 5 stars.

-GUI: 1 star (especially considering the cost of the software and most importantly on the efect it has on the usability).

Positive: feature list.

Negative: see below.


This plugin is an amazing amazing package in terms of what it can do, the many features etc ... but :(.

The user interface:

-for one it makes the software almost unusable - I have the feeling that when all the controls, buttons, faders etc were arranged/placed in the GUI a random generator must have been used. This is the total opposite of 'intuitive'

-an the looks? Well last time I've seen something similar was probably in the mid 90's.

I was stupid because I just bought it based on the rich feature list (which it absolutely has) - I would have never thought that a user interface can be F'd up so badly in this day and age. It takes a lot of courage to ask money for something this badly made.

Please, please, please try before you buy.

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Filterizor Q Pro

Reviewed By AirDuern [all]
March 23rd, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.2.1 on Windows

My favs:

+ Spectrum oriented GUI, highly resizable and custom-colour channels.
+ A lot of clean 20th order filter types you can choose in one glance, with huge gain capacities
+ Great CPU optimization
+ Floating menus per filter (everything you need on each filter!)
+ Linkable filters (lots of fun, and so much to learn from experimenting with it!)
+ Parallel mode (Just perfect for Mastering and balancing instruments presence)
+ M/S processing.

This EQ came out just right when I needed an advanced one. The upper features listed are definitly what made me buy this VST.
Also, reading through Sugar Audio site, I understood that these guys are engineers first. They first work for usable and valuable processing before designing the cutest GUI. Honestly, I don't think this VST looks good, but goodness it does really looks like efficient! This fullscreen Spectrum allows you to dive in your sound. Filters can be very smooth or surgical and parallel mode just helps you so much when you need to balance instruments, balance your bass/kickdrum combo, and so on.

Filterizor is the first advanced EQ I'm buying and it maybe the last one.

Features I wish to see on this vst: dynamic EQ or reference EQ (not match EQ, just reference EQ).

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Reviewed By druminfected [all]
October 29th, 2016
Version reviewed: 3.0 on Mac

Finding a 64-bit Oscilloscope on Mac is pretty slim pickings as far as choices go. Besides Blue Cat, Oscarizor is the only other choice and a lot cheaper as well. I just love all of the functions you can do with Oscarizor, it really helps me see in detail the information i'm looking for. Sugar Audio are always coming up with updates as well, (all the way on 3.0) now with 3D as well as waterfall options for even more detail. There are a lot of options to choose from to get your multi analyzer to your personal preferences too, as well as changing the resolution of Oscarizor to your liking with very low CPU usage. Oscarizor is hands down my favorite Audio Multi-Analyzer.

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