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Surreal Machines

Surreal Machines is a small but growing company of creative people.

We aim to produce high quality modern audio software using the latest techniques of analog emulation married with unique and personal takes on modern music production.

Surreal Machines are dedicated to using 'creative coding' software to design and prototype, thus being able to give something back to the creative community, whilst maintaining high standards of compiled code for end user products.


For Press Pack and Review copies contact info@surrealmachines.com.

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Reviewed By n2077
November 27th, 2020

I did not get Modnetic for the vintage emulation so its just a bonus, for me it was the clean shimmer and neat routing you could do, so i you are into creative delays/reverbs this might be the only plugin you will ever need! Only plugins that comes to mind comparing are polaris by Audiority(My goto for shimmer) NI Raum(for creativ mandess) and D16 Spacerek(for clean tails), Modnetic does everything those can still comes out at top.

It sounds great, looks great, packed till the brim with features. The sound designer in me gets all tingling sensation from all ideas this plugin gives me, and the results I get with are just outstanding. I love setting the wet to 100, then bounce the stuff and resample it as a stabs or put it into a sampler.


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Reviewed By jahmadeus
October 25th, 2019

A very impressive emulation of classic spring reverbs and space echo delays. Lots of tweak-ability. Perfect for Dub and Reggae. Highly recommended.

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Reviewed By JerGoertz
January 2nd, 2018

This, along with Replika XT, is my favorite character delay. Gives me instant lo-fi (but musical) grunge. A very "dubby" feel, IMO.

(Don't let the modern interface fool you, modnetic has a strong vintage character.)

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