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Reviewed By kilgoretrout
April 23, 2007

This is perhaps the most powerful soft synth in my arsenal. That includes Rapture, Dimension Pro, Massive, FM7 & 8, Absynth 4 and a bunch of others.

I bought it for the wavetable stuff, but found that the VA stuff is pretty impressive as well. You can layer four sounds on top of each other and get some really strange textures.

Reviews have called this a synth geared towards electronic music. However, that seems to be too limited a description.

THe user interface is about as easy as you could make it for something this complex.

I like the fact that the LFO controls are on the main page. The modulation matrix is incredibly powerful and includes an aritmetic section. I have only used that for inverting an lfo to send a pair of 180 degree out of phase signals to filters.

There are a number of big knobs for controlling things like macros that can include multiple changes to the sound.

You really need a controller with this thing.

My only problem has been getting it to work with Novation Remote Zero and Sonar 6.2.1. That seems to lock up occasionally.

I cant really rate customer support because I haven't needed it. I cant give it a 10 if I haven't tried it nor a 1 either. It would be nice if this wasn't in the rating.Read Review

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