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The Sonic Ark
+30310 923872 / support@thesonicark.com
The Sonic Ark Studio, Gr.Lampraki 215 - 54352, Thessaloniki - Greece

The Sonic Ark is a music production company covering all aspects of music, audio and video production from arranging and recording to post production and publishing and everything in between....The Sonic Ark is a music, audio and visual production company residing on a state of the art recording, mixing and mastering facility, built from scratch in order to satisfy the most demanding situation.

One very important aspect of our provided services and products is the creation of High Quality Video Tutorials regarding audio production, recording and mixing techniques and audio processing in general. We try to offer much more than the typical "tips and tricks" tutorials available taking an in depth and detailed look in every aspect of the procedure aiming in creating a solid knowledge base for the end user.

Of course being a recording, mixing and mastering facility gave us also the opportunity to get in to sample and loops library market, first of all to cover our own personal needs and, why not share our creations with other people. Our basic principle is to create samples and loops projects that are useful for us too....So acknowledging the quantity of available products in this part of the music biz, we try to create products with a more specific character and aesthetics.

The Sonic Ark Live Room