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Sonic Ark releases MixTips "Punch Your Drums In The Box" Tutorial Video

The Sonic Ark

Sonic Ark has released Punch Your Drums In The Box, the first episode of MixTips, its new series of tutorial videos. As the name implies this series of videos contains techniques, tips and tricks, ideas and processing approaches regarding mixing. Each episode deals with a unique subject and aims to cover a wide array of possible demands and knowledge quests regarding mixing but also introduce some new and fresh ideas to known and common everyday mixing "problems".

Each episode is made with the collaboration of a guest (in this first episode Mikael Wikman from Sweden, a recording and live performing drummer) and is covering a subject in detail and with a "hands on" approach. This first episode "Punch Your Drums In The Box" includes ideas and tricks to get a more punchy sound out of your recorded kick and snare drum tracks, improving and recreating the ambiance of your recordings, and an in depth look to stereo drum bus processing... all completely in the digital domain, without the use of exotic, ultra rare and ultra pricey analog gear but with usual and affordable plug ins.

So what you'll get is a complete explanation of the author's goal, a step by step guide from raw recordings to the final result and detailed explanations and comparisons. This is not a "Complete Drums Mixing Guide". This tutorial is aimed at a specific goal (how to make your drum tracks more punchy and solid sounding, cutting easily through a mix) but also introduce the thinking and logic beside certain processing approaches and techniques.

You find more details and watch a small teaser preview at: MixTips @ The Sonic Ark.

Also, there is a free add-on featuring toms and floor toms processing, currently available to everyone through You Tube: Make Your Toms & Floor Toms Punchy



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