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Reviewed By wesleymarien [all]
December 18th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

I have this for a while now and i got to say it' is the best tape plugin i came across in all those years... the CPU usage is fantastic and the sound you get from this thing is even better!!! it is on ALL my mixes standard... don't have to think twice about it :).

5 stars ain't enough for this plugin!!! oh and i almost forgot, the price beats all other tape plugin designers!!.

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PUMP - Instant Side-chain

Reviewed By Aximus [all]
November 19th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

That's useless plugin with a meager set of functions. It's just a regular sidechain with a mix knob and the ability to draw your curves in a rather mediocre editor. I don't see the point in using it when there is a more functional, convenient and absolute free plugin "Flux Mini 2".

P. S. - Developers, do you seriously think that I haven't switched to editor mode...? The point is that you have created a useless plugin. In fact, it's just a regular volume shaper that doesn't even have a sidechain function as such. But even that's not all. What happens to your filters is real magic. And what happens to the phase at the time of filtering - I don't even want to comment. Before you write that I didn't figure it out make sure that your plugin at least works fine.

Response from thenatan from Thenatan on November 21st, 2023

Please study before you post a Negative Comment, It has Different shapes, and also the ability to add curves and Points on Tables Shaper, Just Go To EDITOR Mode.


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TAWUS - Endless MultiLayer Engine

Reviewed By igorius [all]
July 13th, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on Windows

TAWUS offers a fun way for trying different variations of layering sampled instruments quickly and easily.
You have up to four layers, each of them can be loaded with one of 600 samples (6 banks with 100 samples each). The circle that lies within the square lets you choose which layer uses which sample. Thenatan's website advertises it as "Happy accident moments" and that's just how it feels when you try new combinations.
It comes with many presets, but the naming of quite a lot of the presets isn't very descriptive. Like there's a category called "In Ye we trust" and it's presets are named "Ye 01" to "Ye 40". And the banks and samples themselves are just named numerically, so you have no way of telling what they represent other than trying them out.

I believe TAWUS is best suited for genres such as Trap, Hip Hop and Lo-Fi.

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Tape Piano

Reviewed By Pt8NFfxj5kM6 [all]
December 1st, 2019
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

I really love the lo-fi piano sounds coming out of the Tape Piano. There are a bunch of open airy sounds just waiting for a chilling hip hop grove to create the perfect laidback vibe.
With most sound packs / sampler instruments I usually find only a small handful of sounds I really like. The Tape Piano is exactly the opposite -- I digging the mass majority of the sounds, so much so I bought the expansion pack.
I'm excited to include the Tape Piano in my next round of songs.
Great work guys! Keep it up!

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