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Touch The Universe Productions

Touch The Universe Productions specializes in sound design -- creating modern sounding, state of the art, soundsets for electronic music producers. The soundsets can generally be classified as having beautifully rich and complex sounds with a lot of movement-- from complex evolving sounds to bread and butter sounds, the soundsets are perfect for all types of Electronic Music. The sound banks will cover many areas of sound design: lush pads, slick legato leads with character, interesting and usable sequences& arps, drums, snappy basses, atmospheric chillout soundscapes, vocals, and others depending of the synth. Though suitable to any electronic music producer, they often will specialize in the genres such as goa trance, progressive trance, psy trance, psybient, chillout, and progressive psy trance and comes with many unique leads and basses which are perfect for these genre.

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Starfields for Dune 3.5
Reviewed By seangm
September 25th, 2022

I bought Starfields for Dune 3.5 and installed the presets from the Zip file (no wavetables were included in the Zip file provided. About half of the presets give a "Missing Wavetable" error for about seven different wavetable files. I tried to contact the developer over email and using the form on the site and haven't received any response back.

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I also had a problem getting the download link. Contacted them and very quickly they resolved the problem so that the link will now be available on purchasing. Love the sounds :).

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I bought it, but I didn't receive anything, no download link or e-mail with the download link, please avoid buying it until be sure to receive a download link.

UPDATE: I already received the Soundbank, you can buy it without doubt.

Response from Touch The Universe from Touch The Universe Productions on September 7th, 2021

All TTU soundsets are now delivered instantly after purchase in the kvr marketplace and are then available in the customers marketplace for download at any time. Issue solved. Apologies for the mishap. I sent the product even after the order was refunded. I hope this can make up as a humble apology. Cheers.

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