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Starfields for Dune 3.5

Reviewed By seangm [all]
September 25th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Any OS

I bought Starfields for Dune 3.5 and installed the presets from the Zip file (no wavetables were included in the Zip file provided. About half of the presets give a "Missing Wavetable" error for about seven different wavetable files. I tried to contact the developer over email and using the form on the site and haven't received any response back.

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SynthMaster One

Reviewed By seangm [all]
March 29th, 2021
Version reviewed: Latest on Windows

This synth doesn't work for me in Cubase, all my other plugins are working fine. The thing that pisses me off is I've tried multiple times over several months to contact support including the KVR Synthmaster forum and I've never heard back from their support. I see other people on their forum saying the get no response from support also. They seem to be actively putting out updates but just ignoring any issues reported by users. So I'm stuck with a synth I paid for but can't use, kind of sucks. I can't recommend this company in any way because of the way they ignore their users. Can I give zero stars please?

Response from kv331 from KV331 Audio on October 28th, 2022


What is your registered user email address. I have no way of guessing by looking at your kvr nick name. Please PM me your details. We just released a new update v1.5.4 and it is working fine on all major DAWs. Please PM me your details so that I can help.


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