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i was bored so i made these, and now you too can enjoy them!
theres only two of them for now, but do visit later though since i have some neat ideas.

source code for my plugins available at my GitHub.
handcrafted by me, in JUCE.
infinite gratitude to lau for giving me all the motivation.

Products by UnplugRed

Latest reviews of UnplugRed products

Plastic Funeral
Reviewed By kadillak
October 16th, 2021

I cant get it to show up in Maschine. It's in my VST folder but won't show up in the actual program.

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Plastic Funeral
Reviewed By Mastartiq
August 12th, 2021

A superb plugin, creative, that gives that fat and power to elements like leads and basses. Very useful in genres like dubstep or dnb.

I recommend it with all the love! By the way, amazing name choice for the plugin! I love that the plugin is open source too so is totally free.


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