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Brainworx bx_console N [read all reviews]
Reviewed By GRUMP [read all by] on 1st January 2020
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows
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I really wonder why "Buy a good Channel Strip" is not the first Advice for People who are looking for a deep analog Sound. It's maybe because not all are like this One - I don't really know - but the Console N really fulfills all Promises.

The Sound excels my Expectations by far. Especially the EQs - and at all Frequency Bands.

There are many Tools out there that promise a "Hardware Sound". For me it's in the End this Channel Strip that ends my Search.

Furthermore you should not underestimate the Effects of the Construction itself. Gate / Expander - Compressor - EQ - implemented in this certain Way - will let you work differently.

I don't want to say much about it than "try the Demo".

Tonelux Tilt [read all reviews]
Reviewed By GRUMP [read all by] on 23rd December 2019
Version reviewed: X.2019 on Windows
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This little Beast is simply a USI, a universal Sound Improver. Can you hear the Brilliance rising when you turn the Fader up? Very low CPU Consumption, I have it on everything and everywhere.

MB-7 Mixer [read all reviews]
Reviewed By GRUMP [read all by] on 14th December 2019
Version reviewed: 3.3.1 on Windows
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Blue Cat themselves say that you can Split Audio into several Bands and mix + process them as you want. OK. That sounds quiet harmless to me. But this Tool is - i. m. O. - a little bit more than that. Splitting the Audio is fine and MB-7 is the "Missing Link" anyway. It may improve your Sound like you would maybe not have expected and help you find Problems you did not hear before. But - to make it short - this aweseome Tool really multiplies the Abilities of you Environment.

By the Way: is has built in FX, loads VST FX, you can group Bands, it can be automated, it has a Spectrogram, can process the Stereo width, it has a very comfortable GUI, many Settings, ... It is a unique (!) Plugin and a big Improvement for my Workflow.

Harmonic Maximizer [read all reviews]
Reviewed By GRUMP [read all by] on 13th December 2019
Version reviewed: 1.1.2 on Windows
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There it is. This little Tool brings Brilliance, Presence, Warmth to the Sound (if you focus on the high end). It is just what I was looking for. I simply love it. Its easy to handle but offers a big Variety of Sounds.

It is no EQ - although it has Frequency and Gain Amount, too. It sounds completely different, a lot "smoother", creamy.

The briliant thing about it is, that you have Control over the Frequency Bands in Combination with a gentle Saturation ("warmer") and a Limiter/Maximizer that lifts the Amplitudes.

You can easily get a Tape Feeling by boosting the "high" Gain a little bit. There's a lot of "Air" in this little Thing.

THX to the Dev. You have saved me lots of time.

DUNE 3 [read all reviews]
Reviewed By GRUMP [read all by] on 29th October 2019
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Windows
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Simply awesome. DUNE = Differential Unison Engine. Up to 32 Voices per OSC that can be distributed with very harmonic Logarithms (..., perfect 5th, Minor, Major, ...) and 8 Unison Voices that represent separate Layers with the Full set of Capabilities for each. You can work and sound more "additive" than with any other Synth around. Really deep and huge Pads, evolving with lots of Modulation Possibilities (per Unison Voice).

The streamlined Wavetable Editor, containing a 1000+ Harmonics Editor. Very good Handling. The Synth feeld great anyway.

The Filters are brilliant or even really dirty if you want them to. Even the FX sound much better than I would have expected.

To make it short: I stumbled upon it. I have too many (complex) VSTs already, but this one convinced me within 2 Hours.

It's a MUST HAVE for really smooth Chillout / Ambient Pads and "Choirs".

It's a Progress and has a really nice, soft OWN Sound Character.

Thank you Synapse Audio, you have saved me lots of time (already).

Vowel Filter [read all reviews]
Reviewed By GRUMP [read all by] on 24th August 2019
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows
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My Focus is the Creation of airy and VOX Pads / Synth Choirs (Sound Design). Vowel/Formant Filters are one Method to produce such Sounds and this one does it's job really good.

The Plugin delivers more Control over the Timbre than e. g. the AIR Talk Box or Orb CM. It has a "technical clean" Sound Character and produces really clean Results, either soft or really strong VOX Characteristics and also lets you adjust the Brightness of the Sound.

The Sound i just made with it it is much "cleaner" than the Version I made with AIR Talkbox, that frequently "screams" too much and does not deliver such clean Vowels. Halions Talkbox is no Comparision anyway.

Unfortunately it has no Output Volume Fader and you'll frequently need an Amp behind it.

Thank you for this little Tool, Will Savin.

Sektor [read all reviews]
Reviewed By GRUMP [read all by] on 21st July 2019
Version reviewed: 1.23 on Windows
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It was really interesting to explore this Tool that doesn't even have a Manual.

I read that you can use Multisamples. With just one Sample Slot?

I learned that there really are Synthesizers today that do not offer a single Pad Sound that I'd call a Pad and that EFX-Sounds can be called a "Pad" instead.

The Possibility to Tune the Unison Voices of an OSC is always nice, but this one really failed the Soundcheck.

The WT generally sound limp and the overall Sound is i. m. O. not worth mentioning.

Many Samples beneath the Patches.

Dreamer for Zebra [read all reviews]
Reviewed By GRUMP [read all by] on 18th June 2019
Version reviewed: 1+2 on Any OS
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If you want to make (real) Ambient you will save days of time with this Set of inspiring and HQ Sounds. I bought Dreamer I+II and I am absolutely satisfied. This Collection is a Milestone concerning Usability and reminds me strongly of FSOL, especially "Lifeforms".

The Dreamer has a really strong Ambient Focus. Not TripHop, neither Chillout. AMBIENT. FSOL and Stuff like that;-) ilike.

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