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Vocoder for Synths?in: Effectsby: ChamomileShark4 Oct 02:20
Can Patchwork "Sandbox" plugins?in: Blue Cat Audioby: Blue Cat Audio4 Oct 02:20
Use Photoshop For Freein: Off Topicby: chk0714 Oct 02:13
AUV3 Plugin for Speedrumin: Apisonic Labsby: apisonic4 Oct 02:04
Albino 3 returns.....in: Instrumentsby: Aloysius4 Oct 01:42
GO2 is on sales !in: Instrumentsby: neverbefore4 Oct 00:32
Analog Organic for Repro-5in: Soundwareby: soulata4 Oct 00:20
IK Pianoversein: Instrumentsby: Costis4 Oct 00:04
SA_Toolkitin: DSP and Plugin Developmentby: tor.helge.skei3 Oct 23:36
It's about time for a new version, no?in: Bitwigby: pseudonym_3033 Oct 23:15
Jksound - Blurin: Music Cafeby: jksound3 Oct 23:05

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