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TX16Wx 3.0.3 released in: CWITEC by: Auggybendoggy 23 Oct 09:19
Plogue Chipsynth - Any details? in: Instruments by: davidv@plogue 23 Oct 08:46
Imitating the filter of Alpha Juno-1 in: u-he by: Hanz Meyzer 23 Oct 07:42
pretty chill in: Music Cafe by: wagtunes 23 Oct 07:41
Tech Preview: Hive Wavetables in: u-he by: Biome_Digital 23 Oct 07:38
Wusik EVE V5 Beta Testing in: Instruments by: WilliamK 23 Oct 06:41
Generative Step sequencers ala Ableton in: Bitwig by: Tearing Riots 23 Oct 06:38
Hive Wavetable starter pack in: u-he by: PieBerger 23 Oct 06:29


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