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Roland Cloudin: Instrumentsby: Examigan27 May 13:58
Nord Modular vs modern vsti alternativesin: Modular Synthesisby: gentleclockdivider27 May 13:40
What are you watching?in: Off Topicby: WatchTheGuitar27 May 13:35
Contest May: "Gossip"in: Music Cafeby: Hellfog27 May 13:21
Cytomic 'The Glue' Compressorin: Effectsby: buddhaburger27 May 13:12
Available now: Tone2 Nemesis 2.4in: Instrumentsby: jocknaethick27 May 12:32
Continue this sentence using 3 wordsin: Off Topicby: raiderpdog27 May 12:29
Voice to MIDIin: Effectsby: Scoops27 May 11:36
something for 12.5in: Tracktionby: frankpain27 May 11:31
Which Electric Guitar?in: Orange Tree Samplesby: Schroeder117427 May 11:29
New (and free) synth: Essencein: Instrumentsby: ramseysounds27 May 11:04
Good Synths with MPE?in: Instrumentsby: Goony27 May 10:33
Contest May: Submissionin: Music Cafeby: IV!27 May 10:29
Lydia Deetz ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )in: Music Cafeby: redmaggott27 May 10:09
Mulab under the hoodin: MUTOOLSby: robert_p27 May 10:03
DUNE 3 is now available!!in: Instrumentsby: [nx]27 May 09:56

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