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Hydrasynth in: Roger Linn Design by: Tim Walters 25 Jan 21:43
Nuance Feature Requests in: New Sonic Arts by: newsonicarts 25 Jan 21:36
Phase Plant released in: Instruments by: highkoo 25 Jan 21:01
vurt - the telex codex in: Music Cafe by: ccDuckett 25 Jan 19:46
Wintry Mix (drone/ambient) in: Music Cafe by: ccDuckett 25 Jan 19:25
Guitar fx noob. Which order of fx? in: Effects by: acousticglue 25 Jan 19:15
Tracktion Universe 2020 in: Tracktion by: metamorphosis 25 Jan 18:58
Cassetto DND in: Homegrown Sounds by: popuman 25 Jan 18:50
Massive X 1.2 is out in: Instruments by: glokraw 25 Jan 18:00
Zone by Audiaire in: Instruments by: tdm71 25 Jan 17:22
Melodic Ambient in: Music Cafe by: fastlanephil 25 Jan 17:19
Unloved synths in: Instruments by: Forgotten 25 Jan 17:11
The Wagtunes Corner in: Music Cafe by: wagtunes 25 Jan 17:02


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