Dead Duck Deducktion updated to 1.2.3

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Deducktion has been updated to 1.2.3

This update provides some minor bug fixes.

Deducktion has been updated to 1.2.2

This update improves the timing accuracy of MIDI notes.

Deducktion has been updated to 1.2.1

This fixes a minor layout issue when using alternative themes.

Deducktion has been updated to 1.2.0

The latest release is now available and includes the following enhancements:
  • A new 'Single-Page' view allowing the Main and LFO/Env pages to be combined into a single view for easier patch creation. Use the 'Use Single-Page View' option in the main settings menu to enable this.
  • Oscillator detune spread and mix controls (see the Osc sub tab).
Breaking changes: the encoding of the oscillator random-phase and Sub Alt-mode parameters has changed so any patches that make use of these will probably have to be revisited.

Oscillator random phase is now selected by setting the phase parameter to it's maximum value. Sub Alt-mode is activated by setting the menu option to a waveform combination, set to 'Off' to restore default sub behaviour.

Download from the usual place here at KVR

Deducktion has been updated to 1.1.0

Quite a few changes for this release, the main goal being to add more options and flexibilty without changing the basic structure of the synth. As before, probably about 80% of what you might want to do can be achieved using the MAIN and LFO/ENV tabs with help from the Mod Matrix. The changes are intended to make this process easier while providing additional options for when you want to push things further than the basic options allow.

The changes are as follows.

The main configuration menu has a new 'hamburger' icon and includes the following new options:
  • Preset copy/paste - duplicate presets by copying and pasting bewteen slots within a bank and between banks
  • Preset restore - undo changes to the currently selected preset. When a preset is selected its parameters are saved and can be restored at any time until a new preset is selected.
A new global setting 'Ignore Velocity For Amps' has been added. This allows envelope 'vel sens' settings to be ignored when applying the envelopes to the amps. The settings are still applied when using the envelopes in the mod matrix.

The edit preset icon has been removed - click the preset name to edit.

The master volume control knob has been removed - change the volume by dragging over the volume numerical display (up/down/left/right).

Osc/Filter/LFO/Env Menus - all of the main control sections now have option menus providing cut and paste options for their respective parameters. Settings can now be copied between oscillators, filters etc.

The oscillator options menu has been simplifed - it allows the basic behaviour of the Sub oscillator to be changed. These settings apply to both the default and 'alt' sub modes (see later).

There are now 2 modulation matrix tabs (MM1 and MM2) bringing the total of available slots to 24. The modulation amount knobs have been replaced by numerical controls; drag up/down/left/right to change the values.

The new OSC tab includes additional parameters for the oscillators and replaces some of the items previously available in the osc options menu:
  • Detune Voices - the number of additional oscillators added to the main oscillator when detune is activated. These are added in pairs either 'side' of the main oscillator hence the values of 2/4/6.
  • Random Phase - the staring phase of the oscillator is selected randomly (this overrides the Phase setting).
  • Phase - the starting phase of the oscillator (when not set to random).
  • Pulse Width - the PW setting of the oscillator when set to square (pulse).
  • Use Sub Alt Mode - enables the alternative mode for the Sub oscillator (see decription below).
The new FLT tab includes the following:
  • Filter 2 - an additional filter is now available. See the routing description for more information.
  • Routing - set the current routing mode (see description below).
  • LFO - allows the starting phase of each LFO to be set. Note this does not apply to LFOs set to Free (global) mode.
In the CTRL tab the glide button has been removed - glide is activated by setting the glide time to greater than 0 ms.

The Sub Oscillator

By default each Sub oscillator provides a -1 octave triangle or pulse wave tuned to match the main oscillator and is intended to provide a quick means of 'beefing' up the sound. By default the sub volume follows that of the main oscillator with the sub volume level being a percentage of the main oscillator volume. Also when set to pulse (clockwise) the PW is the same as the main oscillator. Both these options can be changed using the oscillator options menu.

Earlier versions of Deducktion tried to provide additional options to the Sub allowing it to be used more flexibly; these have been consolidated into the 'Sub Alt Mode' which can be activated and configured via the OSC tab panel.

In Alt mode the Sub oscillator effectively becomes an independent oscillator and can play any of the same waveforms as the main oscillator but at its own tuning, rather than being fixed to an octave below the main oscillator. In Alt mode the sub provides one of the paired waveforms presented in the wave shape menu depending on its position - anti-clockwise for the first (e.g saw or tri) and clockwise for the second (sqr, sin, etc.).

As with the main oscillator the Sub can be tuned independently using the 'Sub Alt Semi' and 'Sub Alt Fine' settings.

Filter 2 and Osc Routing

A second filter has been added to provide further flexibility. This is identical to Filter 1 and provides the same parameters and modulation possiblities. By default it is routed to act in series after Filter 1 but this can be changed in the FLT tab routing control.

The routing control provides 5 separate routing schemes allowing patches to take full advantage of the possibilites provided by the extra filter and oscillator sub modes. These allow the filters to be uses in series or parallel and output via a single envelope/amp or dual envelopes/amps to provide a 'dual-layer' setup for more dynamic patch design. To make this clearer 'Env 2' has been renamed 'Env/Amp 2' and allows oscillator 2 to be output independenty of oscillator 1.

Resizing and Themes

Deducktion can now be resized through 3 sizes - small (current) to large (double) with medium between. Select the required size from the menu by clicking the logo in the upper left of the user interface.

At present, the current default theme has not been updated to match the new sizing options so it will probably look a little fuzzy when scaled up but should at least be more usable on larger screens. The older 'Dark Theme' has also been discontinued and is no longer included in the download.

Unfortunately, the changes to the GUI (most specifically the lower tab section) will mean that existing themes will be broken and will need revising to work with version 1.1 and beyond.

Breaking Changes

There are a small number of changes that may break existing presets:
  • The 'Glide On/Off' parameter has been removed - this shouldn't have any effect as glide is enabled automatically where the glide time is > 0.
  • The 'Sub Generates Noise' parameter is no longer used - use 'Sub Alt Mode' with the wave set to 'Wht/Pnk' to generate noise from the sub oscillator.
  • The 'Enable Alt Out' parameter is no longer used - any preset that used it will need to set the routing mode as appropriate.
  • The Osc 2 'Phase is Offset' option has been replaced by 'Random Phase' - any preset using this will now use random phase instead of a fixed offset. To restore the original behaviour turn off 'Random Phase' and set 'Phase' to 23.

Deducktion 1.1 is available from the usual place here at KVR
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Cool. Thanks for the update. Will you add FM or ring mod in the future?
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Halonmusic wrote: Fri Oct 11, 2019 8:16 am Cool. Thanks for the update. Will you add FM or ring mod in the future?
It would be giant!
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Thank you for the update


still works in WinXP! :party:

u da bossman!


BlackWinny wrote: Fri Oct 11, 2019 9:50 am
Halonmusic wrote: Fri Oct 11, 2019 8:16 am Cool. Thanks for the update. Will you add FM or ring mod in the future?
It would be giant!
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noodling about with it, i noticed its still a tad high on cpu usage compared to other good VAs like synth1, charlatan, pg8x, and obxd :scared:


Thanks for the update.
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Nice one studio4. Were you the one that made the jp8000 theme for the previous version? Any chance you could make one for this version?

@swatwork Any chance you could add FM or ring mod?
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:? Still not possible to change a waveform/filter type with mousewheel. But great free plugin indeed.


Really good sounding little synth!


Does Deducktion let you load custom waveforms?


:clap: Thanks Swatwork


Thanks for keeping up the great work! One of the best freeware synths out there, for sure.


This synth is definitely a surprise for me, the best one in 2019, at least for the price. :tu:

I like the way it sounds and it really feels like a "workhorse synth". But to make it to being a real "workhorse synth", I'd suggest a couple of little things that would definitely improve its workflow and make it one. ;)

For a synth without many presets, one of the drawbacks for me when designing sounds is that I constantly find myself changing the tab between Main and LFO/ENV panels. It would be really great if you somehow managed to fit these two on the front panel. IMO the front panel could take it. Make the controls a bit tighter. There is enough of space.

I'd really love to see the "legato" option available when you put the polyphony to 1. That would be incredibly great for basslines! :tu:

btw. How do you assign various CC controllers from your MIDI controller to control its various controls?

Thank you so much for this excellent freeware synth! It's so much fun. :P
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