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chuck death
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Post Sun Dec 27, 2009 9:32 am

Here's an idea to throw on the pile:

qwerty midi controller

A qwerty keyboard capture plugin like midiKeyboard but with user definable keymaps and the ability to send multiple notes and/or midi CCs per key.

I imagine it to work like this:

At the top would be a virtual PC keyboard with a panel beneath. If you click on any key on the keyboard, that key's currently assigned midi notes/messages show on the lower panel. The lower panel has two coloumns, one for notes, the other for midi Messages. at the top of each column is an "+" and "-" button. To add a note/message, click the relevent column's "+" button. To take one away, highlight it and click the "-" button. Ideally each note/message should have it's own channel settings for maximum flexibility.

There should be some option to set the colour of the key to make reading your onscreen keymap easier.

If you could do something like this then the possibilties are almost endless!

Here's some things you could do with it:

Dynamic drum map: set keys 1-0 to trigger a drum machine with a high velocity, set each row beneath to the same midi note but with decreasing velocities as you go down the keyboard. You could then tap drums in live with a degree of dynamic control.

Chord map: set up each key to play a chord with a layout that makes sense to you. You could set up the top rows as minor chords and the bottom as major or set up a chord progression across the keys.

CC map: set keys 1-0 to the same CC but with increasing values, do this for each row and you have four "notched" CC sliders. Set it up as columns and you could have ten slders with four levels each.

Keyboard maps: instead of the usual keyboard you can set one up however you want. You could set it up as four octaves using only the key of D minor. How about setting up the keys like a four string banjo fretboard...

Mixed maps: combining various options opens more doors, how about a keyboard across the lower two rows and cut off and resonance controlled by the rows above? Or simply a normal midi keyboard but with differing CC messages on each key (that's actual different CCs not the same CC with different values). Different notes would affect the sound differently. An A played after a C, would be different to an A played after a D for example.

Whadyathink? :)

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Re: Plugin Suggestion: Qwerty Midi Controller

Post Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:47 am

chuck death wrote:
Sun Dec 27, 2009 9:32 am
Here's an idea to throw on the pile:


Whadyathink? :)
Your ideas are pretty cool. You know, I came up with an idea a few days ago of combining PC keyboard and MIDI controller into one unit, because you cannot simply do everything with a MIDI keyboard however advanced it is, and always have to juggle between the two. So, I searched to see if something like this was already thought before or available and landed here. :)

However, after reading you post, it seems that my idea is different where I just want to combine the two separate pieces into one unit where each thing performs its own functions, but to make the setup more convenient.

It's surprising why something of this sort hasn't been discussed or thought about. In fact, we should have had a product like this by now.

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Re: Plugin Suggestion: Qwerty Midi Controller

Post Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:18 am


There is a tool for most (?all) of that...

Not a plugin but functions as a serial flow midi device modifier/keyboard translator. on any key on the keyboard...
In experience, this becomes old very fast

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