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XLN Audio releases Neon Dreams by Starcadian for XO - 980s-infused beats & samples

XLN Audio

XLN Audio has released Neon Dreams, an XOpak containing nostalgia-inducing, 1980s-infused beats and samples by the Synthwave artist Starcadian, ready to be used in XO.

Here's what they say:

Starcadian often describes his songs as "ear movies." Honestly, nothing could be more fitting. Hearing his music is like finding long-lost soundtracks to cult 1980s fantasy/science fiction films spawned from our collective memory bank's imagination: lucid dreams of neon and silhouettes against a setting California sun, coated in 16mm film grain.

With this expertly curated XOpak you'll transport your tracks and mixes to a neon-drenched 1980s in seconds with song-inspiring, fully editable presets fueled by nostalgia-inducing synth arpeggios and hard-hitting kick drums, punchy gated snares, and driving beats in the vein of Kavinsky, Georgio Moroder, John Carpenter, Justice, The Midnight, Com Truise, and SebastiAn.

So pop on your Wayfarers, and teleport yourself to a sonic world of top-down Ferrari Testarossas driving into a neon-soaked sunset dowsed in VHS warmth.

Artist biography:

Ever since his debut "Sunset Blood" in 2013, Starcadian's patented genre-bending mix of electro, pop, and 80s movie soundtracks has cemented his position as a trailblazer and pioneer in the modern Synthwave movement. Like fellow artists Kavinsky, The Midnight, Com Truise, SebastiAn, Electric Youth, and College, Starcadian's musical DNA draws inspiration from and pays homage to seminal giants like Georgio Moroder and John Carpenter - yet he has managed to create his unique musical amalgamation that somehow feels both familiarly nostalgic, yet fresh and invigorated. Over the years, Starcadian's releases have received rave reviews, soared to the top of Bandcamp's Electronic Music charts, and have been widely featured in TV shows, campaigns, and commercials. The Neon Dreams XOpak is his first collaboration with XLN Audio after using XLN plugins throughout his entire discography.

XOpaks are editable beat and sample expansions for XO. They contain curated beats and samples that you build your sound upon by using XO and your own samples and grooves.

Neon Dream by Starcadian includes:

  • Mix-ready, fully editable loops.
  • 96 presets & 221 curated one-shot samples.
  • Your cheat code to 80s soundtrack nostalgia & the modern-day Synthwave sound.

Price: $39.

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