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Mr. Alias

Reviewed By gwenmollo [all]
October 31st, 2021
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows

Some of my first vst.

good sound, nice presets.

I used it on some few tracks, space ambiance, it was perfect .

32-bits only.

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Blood Bucket

Reviewed By Draxxx [all]
September 21st, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

This is a chaotic SynthEdit gem.

There is a likeness between the many SynthEdit noise makers but this one is my second favorite after it's sibling Mr Alias.

It is core to over 20 of my compositions and after over 15 years I still find it fills a particular noisy need brilliantly.

To give you some perspective, my work horse VSTi synths are Zebra 2, Pigments 3, Reaktor and IK Syntronik. I also have 23 hardware synths including an 80 module Eurorack, Jupiter 4, JD800, Juno 106, JPX3 Kiwi and Yamaha SY35.

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Big Clock

Reviewed By frogflake08021124 [all]
September 25th, 2020
Version reviewed: 10 on Windows

I like to the clock, I've was always want to have actual time in DAW.
way I can avoid having fun in the middle of the night and having it be in the morning.
It's fun because it's resizable and has color setting.very useful. thank you.

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Reviewed By CaptainBetty [all]
May 4th, 2016
Version reviewed: 10 on Windows

For my specific application this little plugin works amazingly well.

I run production for a band I own and we occasionally have samples; sound effects, intros, etc... to trigger throughout the show. For a while we setup an external MIDI keyboard when we were triggering a lot of samples, but now it's only a few and for a while we've been using Reaper's virtual keyboard with with keyboard key assignments; X key plays sample 1, etc...

Now this little plug in will allow us to customize and organize our samples. Extremely helpful.

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Mr. Alias Pro

Reviewed By willum070 [all]
September 7th, 2009
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Mr. Alias Pro is a fantastic weird scientific noise factory. It specializes in everything from pulsating static ambience fields through atonal distorted sounds, on to weird nuclear plucked sounds, and desiccated formant pads that sound like they were recorded in a vacant lot on a moon of Saturn. Although it can be used to create more traditional sounds, its utility obviously lies in dialing in that crazy Nyquistian madness. It sits nicely alongside other synths in a mix. The aliasing serves to provide a unique form of playability, whereby various key combinations do not always produce chords but can interact in harmonically interesting ways. There are several "effects" that make it possible to get the most from each patch. Mr. Alias Pro comes with a generous allowance of presets, but I think the most fun is using the random patch generation feature. These patches are really fun to jam with, and the filter's formant mode is quite effective. The UI is resizeable as well, you can drag the corner to make it really really teeny or ridiculously huge. All of the UI elements scale accordingly. An interesting approach to resizing. Detailed documentation is also included. It loaded and ran without a hitch in Ableton Live 8.0.1, and nothing bad happened in the first few hours of noodling around. Using it in a couple slots in a current track. Yummy crispy radiation soundtracks from the dark side of the solar system.
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Blood Bucket

Reviewed By jobromedia [all]
February 10th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Bloodbucket is a strange little critter to deal with. It has some nice sounds but it looks more or less like a test project thrown together without any consequential design in mind.

User interface

When loading it into the host it appears like a semibad user interface with poor drawn features, knobs are basically a white square with a direction marker in it. The synth seam to be designed with alot of haste in it since there are no consequential labeling of the knobs, but rather the classic SynthEdit tooltip names. The controls looks like they've been drawn in Paint or Photoshop and they don't look too well.


The sounds are really experimental and has some nice electronica feeling to it, not likely the synth you'll go for when it comes to good strings or other instruments, but it is more for synthetic sounds รก la Kraftwerk.


The synth has the basic synthedit waveforms and a simple modulation matrix for modulating the two oscilators. You have 3 envelopes controling different aspects of the sound. The matrix modulation has 3 knobs named Dog, Cat and Rabbit that controls the 2 onboard LFO depths.
Automation wise this the synth is pure hell to work with since many parameters are named the same, you don't know what decay parameter you're about to tweak, so it's some gamble when working with it.


None to talk about.


The synth has 16 mediocre patches named after the heads organs, yet another sign of how hasty this plugin was created.

Customer support

Email on its site.

Value for money

This is freeware, and the synth should remain so. I can't see a valid reason why someone would pay for it.


Same stability that is known from SynthEdit plugins.

Final conclusion

This synth is really booring and it should have had some more time put down into it. It is yet another experimental synthesizer that is granted a place in my allready overcrowded Test folder.

JoBro Media.
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Mr. Alias

Reviewed By _oswald [all]
August 16th, 2005
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows

Mr. Alias is a one-oscillator synth featuring one filter with 2 filter types, an envelope filter, ring modulation and various signal routing options so you can really ruffle some feathers.

The oscillator in Mr. Alias operates in a very unique fashion. First you have the selectable oscillator, with sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, sine and square waveforms to choose from. Further mangling of the oscillator is achieved by three vertical sliders on the left of the GUI. 'Osc. Scale', 'Pulse Width' and 'Osc. Pitch' all serve to mangle that pure waveform into the sound of 10,000 screaming 14.4 baud modems.

Beneath the three vertical sliders there is a horizontal slider for 'Sine Mix' and to the right of that, a box for changing the frequency of the sine wave.

The resulting signal is then passed into the envelope filter and spit into the filter. Mr. Piz features one filter with three options - flat (disabled), low-pass or high-pass. The latter of the two featuring cutoff, resonance and ring-modulation.

After the signal leaves the filter it runs into a master volume amplifier followed by a distortion unit ('Clipper') and spit out into the host of your choice.

However, the real fun with Mr. Piz is it's unique playing and signal routing options. You can play Mr. Piz in monophonic, retriggered monophonic, 'fake' polyphonic or 'real' polyphonic modes. The signal path can also go through a myriad of paths, with 'Thru', '/1', '/2', '/3', '1M', '2M' and '3M' as options. Below the signal routing entry slider you can tweak the values for '1M', '2M' and '3M' to spice up the results to your liking.

However, I really don't have a clue what any of the options mean due to the lack of documentation (Mr. Alias does have pop-up help tooltips on all functions), but they all produce very interesting sounds, screeches and wails.

If you're looking to create soothing pads, best look elsewhere. However, if you want to wake the kids up screaming, Mr. Alias could be your best friend.

ps - you can make Mr. Alias alias like the dickens by clicking on the second 'a' in his name. Enjoy!
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