Experience with RC and Synth

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Post Sat Feb 17, 2018 1:14 pm

Has anyone had experience with using RC with a synth?

My keyboard skills are not good enough to ever get what I want exactly, so I always expect to edit.

I am particularly thinking about
(1) EASY, I think: recording Midi in from the synth (easy enough, if Standard MIDI) and
(2) Much Harder: playing the MIDI back using the synth as the instrument, so I can hear it on the keyboard and not with GM instruments or Soundfonts.

I guess it would then be necessary to have a "render" function, to render the MIDI file into an audio file....I haven't noticed that.

I suppose this is what DAW's are for, but I am thinking about buying an MX-88 and don't want to learn Cubase!

Anyone with any input, or with a different brand of synth, please respond...my purchase is still in future.


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