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Post Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:11 pm

hello listers,

after a disk failure i've got high sierra installed. so now i'm re-installing my software. after running hostingAU something which is strange happened. HAU can see some effects but cannot see keyzone piano. i'm rather new to macosx and would appreciate any comment or recommendation in this direction. i'm in the middle of a project and need to find how to get to the same status as before the disk failure.
thanks a lot in advance,

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Post Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:05 pm

Now I've tested Keyzone Classic AU v2.4.0 with the latest Hosting AU on High Sierra. The plugin seems to be compatible only for 32-bit mode. So isn't this why it's missing in the list?

If so, check Info pane of Hosting AU (select Hosting AU and press command-i), click "Open in 32-bit mode" and turn it on. So that Hosting AU will run in 32-bit mode, and the Keyzone plugin should be appeared in the plugin list.

Other than that, since it's an instrument plugin, it can be launched from instrument slots that are the top slots of each track.

If above doesn't solve, please check if your installation of Keyzone was done correctly. Check if "Keyzone Classic.component" is in either locations:


Thank you for choosing Hosting AU!

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