Problem installing the EMM Knagalis 1.40 demo

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Post Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:02 pm

Hi there. I DL-ed EMM Knagalis, and I'd like to test-drive it, but it can't find the soundset. The readme says "Unpack NUSofting_Data_For_ Knagalis_1.40.exe in your [user]/My Documents folder.". I have Win 7, and put it in the My Documents folder and unpacked it. It was unpacked as NUSofting_Data_For_ Knagalis_1.40, and there are several nested folders within. Did I put it in the wrong place? The errors say "Error opening the data directory" and "Could not find the soundset detected", among others.
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Post Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:00 pm

Hi Moe, sorry for the late reply, that "NUSofting_Data_For_ Knagalis_1.40"
(folder named as the archive) shouldn't be there, when I wrote Unpack I meant "take what's inside the archive", but I made a self-extracting one so it's my fault, the firt of the nested folder must be "NUSofting Data", like this
.../[user]/My Documents/NUSofting Data/ etc..
please let me know
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