Repro-5 public beta (Repro V1.1)

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Hi all,

We're finally good to go for public beta testing :party:

Early adopters, please note that this is a Friday and we'll mostly have to leave you with just this forum until next week.

-------------------------------------- read this ------------------------------------------------

  • Repro-5 installs with Repro-1 linked below (Installer says Repro-1, but Repro-5 is in it)
  • Sometimes this upgrade needs a reboot to "take" (MacOS High Sierra...)
  • Repro-1 Randomizers presets crash Repro-1 in this version - please remove until further notice!
  • It *is* a beta... use at your own risk... i.e. don't install just yet if you're in the middle of something, and if you do maybe do a backup first.
  • In future there'll be just "Repro" and it'll install both R1 and R5 -> there will not be individual products containing only Repro-1 or only Repro-5
  • Repro-5 unlocks with same serial number as Repro-1, otherwise runs in demo mode (there's no temp serial)
  • Repro-5 has preliminary factory presets, not all tagged, not complete yet, more to come, we can't estimate how many there'll be...
  • Final release will be in December, we put Dec 12th in our calendar (might shift, dunno)
  • Upgrade from Repro-1 to Repro: Free! (if you have Repro-1, you have Repro-5)
  • Retail Price for Repro: 149$, from January 1st 2018, noon CET
  • (that's right... plenty of time to buy Repro for $99, even after beta testing)

-------------------------------------- ok, proceed ----------------------------------------------


I won't write much more as I think we've had this topic for a long time... just go ahead, backup stuff, download, install over Repro-1 and jam away...

Repro V1.1 public beta Mac (AAX/AU/NKS/VST2/VST3)
Repro V1.1 public beta Win (AAX/NKS/VST2/VST3)

Repro V1.1 public beta Linux (VST2) Linux version has a few drawing errors in the preset browser

We still haven't got the final manuals, but here's the latest for each:



- Urs & Team

Changelog since Repro-1 revision 5332:

  • All new preset browser - please discuss preset browser in extra thread! (click)
  • Added Repro-5 polyphonic synth with vintage sound
  • Added Microtuning to Tweaks page
  • Added velocity scaling for envelopes
  • Added filter envelope inversion jumper
  • New filter chip ‘Poly’ available in Repro-1 (from Repro-5)
  • More parameters now available for automation by host
  • Plugin format & OS info shown next to revision number
  • ‘On open expand to’ has new ‘none’ option
  • Windows installer now certified
  • Init preset can be loaded from main display
  • MacOS High Sierra - folders and presets unsorted if using APFS
  • Mac only - selecting presets could crash Cubase under special circumstances
  • Win only - VST3 wasn’t remembering preset name in main display
  • Notes mysteriously disappearing in some hosts
  • Sustain Pedal - pitch was jumping to highest note after release
  • Clock source in Key mode - sequence was resetting to first step with each note
  • Improved playability of sequencer in Key mode
  • VST3 was not updating some graphics while recording sequences
  • Using clear while recording a sequence was not restarting from step one
  • With slow clock rate, last played step would not stop immediately when releasing the key
  • Sequence A/B now switches only after current sequence has finished
  • Arp/Seq rate wrong when using different sample rates for project and rendering
  • Notes were played legato even if they did not overlap
  • Various small fixes and improvements
Known Issues:
  • Win only - Gamma setting only changing after reopening GUI
  • Repro-5 NKS preset maps the wrong parameters (saving new fixes it)
  • Switching HQ creates a temporary DC offset

-------------------------------------- FAQ -----------------------------------------

Why not enable HQ for offline rendering? - It's about sound differences. We want people to be clear about what they're getting when they switch HQ on - most times: Nothing, really - but sometimes a considerable change in tone which could be seen as a bug if offline rendering sounds different than live play.

Better CPU in final version? - Maybe, there's a chance that we can optimize MultiCore performance and weed out some debug code, but don't expect wonders... try playing with number of threads preference for better results.

Why no Multicore by default option? - Because performance degrades massively with multiple instances in multi threaded mode. We want to keep it a conscience decision until 8+ core CPUs are the norm.


Thx alot
Good luck




holy f*ck. This thing looks amazing!


Thank you.
sound sculptist


Thank you for all your hard work Team U-he.


Holy Moly!


Great :)


Dankeschön, Urs!


Don't party too early... it's still a CPU scorching device :lol:


Urs wrote:Don't party too early... it's still a CPU scorching device :lol:
Yes, it is. But the is amazing!


This is glorious.


i was ready to give you 20€ :oops:




Urs wrote:Don't party too early... it's still a CPU scorching device :lol:
And yes. If multicore is enabled then CPU is loaded up to 50% more, then in single core. But Live CPU meter doesn't agree with that and in multicore mode Live decreases meter into half. Kinda strange behaviour.
Is it normal?

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