Editing a waveform audio track

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Post Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:30 am

I have just upgraded to MuLab 8 after using version 5.2.2 for about 5 years. I was particularly interested in the feature to speed up a song and also (because are backing singers are not pitch perfect!) the ability to tweek the pitch of a particular track.

I have looked at the tutorials but can't seem to find how to edit the track - do I need an external editor or am I just finding the one that comes with MuLab.

Please be advised that I am not a whizz at computers so any advice would be welcome as long as it simple explanations!

Many thakns

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Re: Editing a waveform audio track

Post Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:33 am

MuLab does not feature pitch correction in the way you intend to use it.

About time stretching:
Please first of all read about the difference between audio files and samples:
http://www.mutools.com/info/M8/docs/com ... mples.html

Then also read about audio sequences and time stretching (which only work with samples):
http://www.mutools.com/info/M8/docs/mul ... ching.html
http://www.mutools.com/info/M8/docs/mul ... ences.html

If you want to edit an audio file from within MuLab then see:
http://www.mutools.com/info/M8/docs/com ... iolab.html

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