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Hi all,

Some of you may recall that I worked with Ken McLaren on AcmeBarGig products such as RedShift, Shred, and Headcase. Ken is currently busy with other activities, but I have recently been programming 64-bit audio applications, some of which Ken has checked out for me:

Amp Sims that can be used for other instruments and vocals in addition to guitar (like a channel strip), a fifteen-band ISO frequency EQ, and an acoustic room modeller (more than just reverb). I've recently remixed all of my SoundCloud songs to use almost exclusively these plugins with the result that the tracks of each mix gel together better.

Here is a link to a web page that has other additional links including one to a YouTube video discussing the amp sims, explanations of the various plugins, and other information:

(Edit: On KVR Audio:

The plugins are free so will always be in beta mode unless my circumstances change dramatically and I get some help for commercialization. At this point in my life, I'm less interested in adding stress and more interested in just sharing stuff I've done. Nevertheless I anticipate improving the plugins from time to time.

Please do let me know if you experience any problems with release, information, etc. as well as the plugins. I'm rolling these out slowly (one forum at a time) so as not to be overwhelmed. This is the first release, so please bear with me!

Thanks for your attention.

Dave Clark
EXE Consulting
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Thanks for these, looking forward to checking them out.

Are there any remnants of HeadCase floating around? I bought it shortly before the plug seemed to be pulled on the whole thing, and was essentially out the asking price and never actually got to access the product I paid for. The whole team went non-responsive, and download links were never provided to me as a paying customer. There was a link to some forum thread, which linked to another forum thread, which linked to bits and pieces of unfinished products, and the actual HeadCase package was extremely confusing to access, and was quite unstable when I finally did manage to download it. Then the domain went down, and I just wrote it off as a loss, buyer beware and all that. We basically paid for a pre-order and then the product was never quite delivered, and ultimately abandoned. I seem to recall Ken (I think) having some health issues or something at the time, so I let it all slide and just moved on to a different package.

It's a shame, because it was such a promising product with great tone, and a promising community. Is there any overlap in the code here at all, or is this basically all new stuff?


Keep getting a 403 error when I click on the link Dave.


Hi fl and dt,

This is all brand new stuff.

I just clicked on the link from a tablet (no login) and from a desktop system anonymously. I don't see 403. Perhaps the trailing slash is causing trouble? Or perhaps the name is being mangled somehow? You could try typing the URL into your browser rather than clicking on it.

Anyone else having this problem?

Dave Clark
EXE Consulting

As for HeadCase and other projects, I worked as an independent contractor and produced some assembly modules. The product was released, I believe in more than one version.
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403 for me too.



How about and navigating to DOWNLOAD OTHER from the menu (upper right)?

Here is a direct link for one of the plugins (Ultra High-Gain Amp):

Right-click and Save As... or you'll have a mess on your screen ... AmpMFJV.7z

Dave Clark


Nope, both are 403 for me. I'd already tried the first one


Everything works fine here :)

First impressions, this bundle is actually pretty amazing. :party:
Amp simulations are one of those things that quickly sound "fake and plain wrong", but this is surely not one one them. With a bit of polishing this could easily be competitive to other payware.

Few niggles.
1.) The toggle switches don't works. Just the toggle switches. (Reaper, Win10)
2.) In tonestack models where mid control isn't active, the knob should disappear IMHO.
3.) The reverb FX is surprisingly good and certainly isn't plain stock reverb, but there is no way of telling what the knobs do and the weird control labels doesn't help at all. At least manual would be handy.

I also like the how detailed the video presentation was.
Thumbs up.


Hi z,

Thanks for your comments. I hope to do a video about the Room Modeller. For now, there are just notes on the DOWNLOAD OTHER page, but they probably don't help much because they're more for people who know a lot about acoustics and solving equations.

On Edit: I didn't understand what you meant by the toggle switches. Were those the only thing not working? I should mention that the toggle switches do not work by click-drag, only click. If you drag the mouse cursor off of the switch and let go, it probably won't switch. If you just click, it should switch. Please do let me know if you still have problems.

Dave Clark
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For those having 403 errors: I've opened up some domains that were causing problems a few years ago. Please try again and let me know.

Thanks for bearing with me!

Dave Clark


All links working fine now here.

Cheers! I'll give them a whirl..


Using linux wget to download, chugging along nicely.

Thanks for sharing your work! ACMEBARGIG
were in the forefront of amp-sim design,
Headcase is a jewel, even by today's high standards,
the sound is stellar. The mic placing and room
materials in Shred are still brilliant.

I'm not part of facebook, and lost track of the history,
but had heard recently that Ken's property was in good hands.
A lot of fans, and would-be customers, would like to know
how things are going, what the future may hold etc.

Your releases will be good news for many players.
With my new Mustang GT amp, and seven new plugins,
the weekends just won't be long enough.
Give Ken a HighFive, if you're that far north!




Yep, working fine for me now, thanks :)


Thanks a lot, Dave! Been admiring HeadCase for a long time now. BUT these ampsims bury my modest machine performance in an instant hopping to 110% (lol) CPU consumption in Reaper 5.40 x64 Win 10 x64 whereas other popular sims pale in comparison to it and here I mean the CPU. That's insane! I suspect a user error on my part though not sure what could be the cause. Your sims might be very demanding, too. Any thoughts?

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