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Post Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:11 pm

Beta build 2
New Features
* Colormap loading/selection, currently PrettyScope looks for a folder called "ColorMap" next to the dll

* Everyone will be getting personal licenses, licensing system works.
* Physical profile renamed to gaussian profile
* Changed the scaling of line and dot brightness/size (you may not be able to get lines/dots as bright as before, but I think that's ok).
* Experimenting with dot blur feature for gaussian dot (ultimately all profiles will have a blur feature).

Bug Fixes
* When Points per frame is updated, tailfade was not updated sometimes resulting in zero-brightness lines/dots.

* Need to come up with a very custom/specific curve to scale dot size and brightness, it's still too difficult to draw sharp noise fields without getting a pixelly look. To draw a sharp noise field, set dot size very low and dot brightness even lower. A proper scaling would only require you to adjust dot size. Gotta think about this.

Download colormaps here: ...
Put the ColorMaps folder next to the dll
If you come up with better colormaps, post it here or something!

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Re: PrettyScope Beta - Changelog/Updates/Experiments/Presets

Post Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:24 pm

Beta Build 3
* host automation somewhat implemented (will be improving on this), right click on a slider or button and click "MIDI assign", then type in a number from 0 to 127. This simultaneously assigns the midi CC and numbered host parameter. If you enable your DAW's default VST gui, you will see parameters 0 to 127 which you can use to record automation for now.
* increase range of x/y zoom
* increase range shear
* new line and dot profiles: flat and pointy (I plan on replacing pointy with a glow control) note, line blur is not functional for gaussian line. "Pointy" dot is great for doing noise field drawings.
* improved dot blur control for gaussian profile
* crash logging system implemented to a limited degree, it may not write a log for all crashes, will be improving on this. The log will be written next to the dll. If no log is written, let me know!

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Re: PrettyScope Beta - Changelog/Updates/Experiments/Presets

Post Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:31 am

Beta Build 4
* Setting PointsPerFrame to 0 will render the number of points per frame based on framerate (kinda). This eventually needs to be replaced with more proper controls.

* CTRL + S to save a screenshot (saved next to dll).

* CTRL + R to continuously produce screenshots (saved next to dll). This is an experimental feature, it is eventually going to be used for creating video during your DAW's offline rendering.

* "Show FPS" button added, now you can check how your GPU is performing.

* more crash logging, CHECK YOUR LOGS! Still more to do here. Very important: The log should write down your openGL version. We may add support for older GPUs. Letting me know your openGL version is crucial.

* framerate control, caveats: framerate control actually controls the entire gui framerate, that will have to be dealt with at some point. Note: There are sync issues with PrettyScope between audio and video, only visible with certain signals and settings. I was able to get a pretty stable sync by setting framerate to 28.722. Sync issues will be solved in future updates. The sync issue is not referring to a delay between audio and video. EDIT: Looks like it also controls the framerate of your DAW due to a sleep statement, sorry! Will address this ASAP. Workaround is to set framerate to max.

* automation system fully implemented, caveats: your DAW's undo will not undo parameter changes, all parameters are treated as 0 to 1 by the DAW. Note: right-click on a parameter to assign it to another METAparameter. However this is useless at the moment because there's no way of having two parameters with different values on the same meta parameter. This way of doing automation is unconventional but it should eventually be better than the standard way of doing automation once all the problems have been sorted out. This automation system is being developed more for my future products rather than for PrettyScope specifically, that's why it's a bit weird at the moment. Another feature of this automation system is that it will possibly allow us to add parameters or change parameter ranges without breaking backwards compatibility or ruining your old projects.

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Re: PrettyScope Beta - Changelog/Updates/Experiments/Presets

Post Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:04 pm

Beta Build 6
* Preliminary 1D mode, no sync features yet and is only mono, but there is a scan frequency control. It's fun to play with.
* Manual added, let me know what you think! I didn't have time to polish it and make it look pro.
* Preliminary rectangular canvas support (not really working, image gets skewed at the moment, graphics programmer simply didn't get a chance to fix this yet. Hopefully tomorrow it will be fixed and ready for release day).
* Correctly initialize colormap
* Colormap is now saved in the preset file!
* More crash logging
* Framerate slider now works!... Still more to do though.
* PointsPerFrame control now displays number of samples rather than a 0 to 1 value.
* TailFade control works again!
* All hotkeys removed, but added a screenshot button.

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Re: PrettyScope Beta - Changelog/Updates/Experiments/Presets

Post Mon May 01, 2017 9:56 am

* Changed the way many parameters/sliders work, please remember the version of PrettyScope you used for a project in order to have old projects work correctly. I am keeping all old version of PrettyScope so you can request an old version if needed.

* Log now writes relevant computer system information and the current PrettyScope version, you no longer need to post your system details when doing a crash log.

* Screenshot button temporarily removed until graphics skewing is solved.
* IMPORTANT UPDATE: Includes VC++ redistributable, the lack of this may have been causing crashes for some people.

* Fixed pixel skewing (shape skewing still needs to be fixed). That means at least the image won't be warped and ugly, but the final shape that is drawn will be warped. Workaround: change your X/Y scales.

* Disabled framerate fine tuning. There are only two settings now VSYNC and inf. VSYNC means its locked to your monitor refresh rate. inf means it renders frames as fast as possible. inf setting is recommended until we add more advanced audio/video sync.
* Colormap now loads from presets.
* Made the log look a little better.
* Log is cleared when PrettyScope is started.
* Added one more point of crash checking
* a few more presets added
* Fixed crash reported by users with intel CPUs
* OS X debug build sent to beta testers.
* OS X release build ACTUALLY RELEASED.

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Re: PrettyScope Changelog

Post Sat Aug 19, 2017 2:15 am

* 1D Sync mode
* View a stereo signal in 1D mode and control color of lines/dots per channel separately
* New Color modes: R G B, H S L, RdGrnBl, PrttyGrl (will be more customizable in the future)
* Screenshot button is back and working.
* Now possible to draw down to 0 points
* GUI now has a scrollbar so you can access all parameters with smaller window sizes
* Click+drag and double-click no longer causes slider to jump, use Alt+click to jump slider to mouse.
* Click+shift-drag and mousewheel+shift engages slider fine-tune.

* Does not steal keyboard focus (hotkeys are disabled).
* Now works with OS X 10
* Dot/Line size aspect ratio/screen ratio bugs now fixed completely
* Dots are properly drawn at start and end of data points (only noticeable when drawing a few points)

* Installer for OS X

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Re: PrettyScope Changelog

Post Sun Sep 03, 2017 2:00 pm

* new Sync modes: Left / Right / L + R
* new AutoPause mode: "Mouse", automatically pause PrettyScope when mouse is not in use, allowing you to more easily "paint with sound".
* 1D Zoom/Offset: horizontal zoom & offset sliders for 1D mode
* AudioFX Mode: what you see is what you hear, X/Y parameters such as zoom/scale/position/etc. affects the incoming audio and sent as the output. A clipper is added to protect your equipment. Will add creative clipping controls in a future update.
* Parameter Smoothing slider for X/Y parameters
* Clear canvas button
* Canvas/Mouse Funcionality: Double-Left-Click to show/hide controls, a nice step toward full screen mode.
* Canvas/Mouse Funcionality: Mousewheel for zoom in/out, add Shift to fine tune
* Canvas/Mouse Funcionality: Left-Click-Drag to move x/y position of image, add shift to fine tune. Ctrl to reset x/y/zoom. Alt to jump x/y value to mouse.
* Canvas/Mouse Funcionality: Right-Click-Drag to affect 1d zoom/offset, add Ctrl to reset, add Alt to jump value to mouse.

* Slider value no longer jumps around when shift+drag fine tuning.

* PrettyScope's canvas is limited to one 1/4 corner for retina displays.
* PrettyScope does not run in Logic due to plugin validation failure.
* PrettyScope does not run with AMD Radeon HD 6700 video card.
* PrettyScope parameter modulation does not work in Studio One.
v1.3.0 (unreleased)
* Assignable Midi modulation and breakpoint envelopes
* Better mouse smoothing, no more ugly corners.
* Presets and Colormaps are automatically located and work on Mac.
* Removed Shear X and Shear Y (these controls were nonsensical). In its place, added 3D rotation controls, X/Y/Z
* Standalone version
* Certain parameters no longer remembers settings and does not load from presets: Framerate, Pause, FreezePoints, ShowFPS

* Retina bug fixed, drawing no longer limited to one corner.
* Now runs in Logic, no longer fails AU validation.
* Tail Fade control works again

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