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Soundemote is not just another audio plugin company. We will not be releasing "the next best emulation of a 1960s synthesizer". Elan started Soundemote to be a conduit of discoveries and ideas that were realized through his experience with analog synthesizers and his work as a composer and sound designer.

Our goal is to create audio plugin products that are as useful as they are fun to use. Whether you are a rookie composer or professional sound designer, you will appreciate the ease of use and immediately inspiring results of our plugins.

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Latest reviews of Soundemote products

Spiral Generator
Reviewed By soundpeaks
March 4th, 2018

This synth is unique piece of software with crazy sounds. A must have for an experimenter. I wish it has more user-based presets.

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Mushroom Generator
Reviewed By connmach
November 18th, 2017

Very musical experimentation machine and nicely made. You can assign with right-click the modulators to almost every parameter.

Love it.

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Little Spiral Generator
Reviewed By zippy731
July 16th, 2017

Freakin' Beast Mode!

I spent a couple of weekends working with Spiral Generator for the One Synth Challenge. After figuring out what this is capable of, I'm in love. And Free.

This synth is not for the faint of heart, but if you invest the time you'll find it a serious add to the toolkit. Screaming leads, Metal basses, and all manner of chaos.

When learning, I'd recommend running audio through a vectorscope so you can see what is happening with the spirals, and also you can see the effect of the main parameters. Morph and Density are the main ones, and Z-Depth and Z-Amount are great for dirtying up any sound.

Awesome and innovative! Brilliant, unique sounds, SO much fun to get my tweak on.

9/10, only because it's a bit unstable in FL Studio for me.

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