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I apologize if you've posted this somewhere and I've missed it. There's talk of a "databased library" coming soon-ish for Resonic Pro, but no description of what's planned AFAIK.

My interest is whether this will turn Resonic Pro into some sort of Soundminer-type application, which would be a good thing for me. I have lots of Reaper sound design projects in directories with one or two audio renders of their contents. I currently don't have an easy way to audition the renders across common attributes, say, by instrument (guitar, snare, etc), or some technical attribute like plugin (Kontakt, Zebra, etc.). I have to navigate from directory to directory to have the files presented to me.

I assume with tags or metadata it will enable some of these searches, but could there ever be a flat-file view of a directory's sub-directories? Will any of this be possible with a future Resonic Pro?

Thanks! Charles
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