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Purchased the Music Laboratory Machines bundles years ago; now that lo fi is back (?) I'm getting a hankering, but no idea how to access any downloads (I guess there was never a login?)

I actually don't mind purchasing again, and of course the site's still up. But I think this time I'll back it all up for the future - any idea (approx.) what the install size is? I don't recall the sample libs being too large - I don't see space requirements listed.


If you saved your purchase confirmation you will have purchase ID there, which you can send to HS support and they (me) will reactivate your download. :) Worst case scenario, I gotta get the e-mail address under which the purchase was done.

Both MLM bundles are a bit less than 4 GB in size.


Thanks - I think those e-mails are so old they were purged (perpetually running out of space). I have some from 2012 for SFX Collection (?), Bass 6 - don't even remember those :)

I don't mind repurchasing (especially if it helps keep the site up). But I'll back them up this time.

My daughter (who's a cellist) is doing some work with this guy and it's inspired me (not necessarily to acquire all that gear though lol):



I would still need those old e-mails so that I can look up the purchases. I can then relink them to a new e-mail address for the future, just send a support form with all the necessary info and we'll sort it out!


What I meant by "purged" is I can't find them (at least for the MLM bundles). But I'll send you what I do have and my original e-mail.
I had a few other e-mail addresses at the time like a yahoo account - it's possible I purchase them with that account and they're gone for good. But if that's the case - I don't mind repurchasing.

Will DM you - TY.

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