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Post Fri Jun 19, 2020 6:28 pm

MMv3 Changes:
  • New Multilevel Menus!
    You can now create multilevel menus directly from the Categorization tab!
    It’s easy - just use a backslash in the Category name between the different levels to create a submenu as shown…
    (Note: do not put a backslash before 1st level name).


    You can name the levels whatever you want. For example
    Amp Sims\Fender
    Amp Sims\Marshall
    Amp Sims\Vox
    and you can rename a Category to make it multilevel or not, or to add it to a previously created level.
  • There are now over 3,350 listings in the AutoCategorization plugin database and over 70 Categories.
    The listing have been rebuilt and reorganized to fully take advantage of MenuMagic’s new multilevel menuing.
    Note - only Categories that contain plugins are kept on your system, you won’t end up hunting through empty folders or categories looking for things.
    The focus has been on creating a logic organization – something that would make it easier if not intuitive in trying to find that specific type of plugin you might be hunting for but may not remember the name of.
    While I’ve put a fair amount of work in this I have no doubt that the organization could be optimized further.
    If you have suggestions or plugins that aren’t listed please drop me a line.
  • You can now run the VST Scanner as Admin without running MenuMagic or Cakewalk as Admin.
    Some people can’t get the newer iLok plugins to scan successfully unless they run the VST Scanner in Admin Mode*. This fixes that issue and lets you run Cakewalk the way you’re supposed to run Windows applications – Non-Elevated.
    Note the latest release of the iLok Manager should fix this issue but if you still have the problem or experience it with other plugins this should help.

    Also updated the Icon Tray app…
    Note: the MM Icon Tray app will give warnings about a version mismatch until v3 is officially released (i.e. press release).
  • Additional support for Categorization by Vendor

Other changes
  • Anti-lockup/freeze implemented.
    If program locks up, after 20 seconds if should give you option to restart or send a bug report.
    This was added because during release candidate testing we had a user who had a freeze-up issue with the earlier builds.
  • Added new ‘Abort’ button to kill program.
  • Added underpinnings for some new features I’m planning for upcoming v3 releases.
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Post Fri Aug 14, 2020 8:45 am

Just curious, how would I download Ver. 3? I am licensed to 2.3.1.
Third Chord

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Post Sat Aug 15, 2020 4:42 am

Hi ThirdChord

If you qualify for a free upgrade you should have received an email with the info and links back around April 9th.

More info MenuMagic v3 upgrade information

If you qualify and didn't receive your information PM me your registration name & email so that I can look it up and resend it.
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