[HELP] Remote control 16 (or more) parameters at once???

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It would be very nice if you can remote control 16 (or 24) parameters of a device in Bitwig. Please people of Bitwig or some scripting genius, help me! you are my only hope! :help:

I know that this topic its been talk in the past and that there are some solutions with scripts, but it would be nice if there a simple solution so anyone can easly apply to their setup. Also please note that with midi its imposible to control 2 things "at once" but you get the idea.

I bought a BCR2000 but this could work with any controller that have more than 8 (or 9 if you count that 9th knob of Bitwig). And it would be awesome if I can control 24 parameters at once. It sounds like a lot but think in a parametric EQ: 8 bands with gain, Q, and frequency.... oh mama, or a synthetizer, be able to play around with all the parameters inside Bitwig. Or even two or three devices dynamicly so you can easly choose the device and not hard mapping them.

I use DrivenbyMoss, I love it, so so much, it is so user frendly for people like me that dont understend coding or scripting. But currently, it dosent support this with the Generic Flexi.

I hope not sound pretentious or anything. I dont want to someone do work for me, Im more than willing to help in what I can but I need some guidence.

I love you!!

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