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Post Tue Apr 05, 2022 10:15 am

jedisimon wrote: Tue Apr 05, 2022 9:52 am I believe that You shall be able to work with native wavestate sounds if the software version of the program has in memory the complete set of samples which should amount to something like 4 Gb Anyhow, if part of the samples shall not be present I believe that holes could appear in them. I have no tried the software version of the Wavestate, but shall try it. Latency, as usual, shall be the problem with air version, and the pc that is simulating the keyboard. Concerning The tiny card that is running the whole game, a standard motherboard could do the job, and a better audio card could even make it sound a little better. In this case I would advice You to use an oversampling x8 sound card able to deal with lowest possible latency. Do not forget that Asio, in the case of native hardware, shall interact with Your sound card in a negative way even if You are not using it, because of interference, in the background that roots flows elsewhere. Once I deleted it, got my standard 2ms latency back, whilst values reached 48 ms latency with no reason at all. So, avoid standard asio4all drivers if You are using a particular soundcard that requires native software. I am creating a complete new set of sound samples for Wavestate, about 1 Gb to be added to the keyboard, to implement it to the next level. This project shall take some time, but nevertheless, I am trying hard to restyle and renew it, as its possibilities are great, form the point of view of master controlling multilayered scenes, that would require a great deal of time to be prepared. These new samples, form synths that I love, shall be part of the next innovation, where organic thinking is required to interact with morphing realities. So, soul in the machine. Take care! Suggestion: I would love to see the true Wavestate produced, with a standard touchscreen as the Kronos one, Alu and wood, 120 gb sample space, usb slot on the go, and oversampling capability on board, improving at the same time the level of standard 48000 hz samples to 96khz at least, although it is time for a 192khz resolution that is my standard at the moment.
I have programmed 750 sounds for this keyboard and reached 4 th generation processing methods, although the introduction of the sampling engine make it a new instrument once again. Let me know if something happens in the mean time. Love
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Post Tue Sep 27, 2022 5:38 am

Just bought a second hand Wavestate and after reading about some of the nightmares people have has with drivers etc I’m kind of worried. I have a Minilogue XD and that was a real pain setting up IIRC. Do you still have to contend with the “must be in top ten device ID list to get noticed” bs?

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