Any VST Alternatives to Cumulus?

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I'm looking for a similar VST to Cumulus, one that specifically has SPEED, PITCH, GRAIN, JITTER adjustment parameters.
From what I understand Cumulus is 32bit and so isn't really suitable for newer DAW versions.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks :)


Cumulus is something I still regularly get messages about. I am (slowly) working on an update. In the interests of getting it done, it'll likely just be the new UI and compatible with modern systems. Unfortunately, with it being a freebie, I haven't really been able to dedicate much time to it, not whilst updates to Aspect and Architect are still outstanding. Once these updates are out, I'll give Cumulus the attention it needs.
Architect, the modular MIDI toolkit, beta now available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.


Oh great, thanks for taking the time to update it!

Will keep looking for an alternative for the meantime :)

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