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Reviewed By af20001
March 4th, 2019

I've used Aspect for a number of years, and find it a really good soft synth with great flexibility for sound design. The different modulation and routing options are very flexible. As an example, you can have the filters running in series or parallel or have each oscillator going to its own filter. Plus it has unusual sections such as multipliers, adders and inverters. Having a third LFO is a bonus. Ideally I would like an extra oscillator or a sub oscillator, but as it is you can get a great range of sounds from it.

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Reviewed By john glossenger
May 30th, 2014

Cumulus is available from the physical DVD version of Computer Music Magazine.

It's a granular sampler, run by a sequencer. The sequencer has 8 playable scenes, you can play one scene at a time. Each scene is a location within the sample, plus 12 parameters such as pitch, speed, size and jitter.

I really like the user interface, there's a different color for each scene, and you can easily see how the sequence proceeds through the scenes.

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