Look under the plugins hood - Musinum (I.)

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- Musinum is loosely based on The Morse sequence - specially its fractal/ self-similarity property that was used as generator by Lars Kindermann 1999 in Musinum (shortening Music in numbers) soft – https://reglos.de/musinum/.

- it was then put by M. Brickmann into Pure Data as musinum_generator1 - http://www.martin-brinkmann.de/pd-patches.html

- then AZZIN put it into Architect under same name Musinum - see more infoes/ download at - KVR - viewtopic.php?p=7379312#p7379312 or here on Architect page - https://sites.google.com/site/albertozin/Home/architect.
I would just like to ask how can one trace the sequence in output... say in basic binary (base2) mode, starting from 1 in Cmajor without any probability.
Since in this case it mostly starting on E, why does it not start on C? And why it starts w/ this setting usually on different note?
You can also test this patch - it sound very nice on Zebras Drones presets:

(PS: I also tried to gather some stuf around this http://sigsaly.xf.cz/thue/ - but these are really for nonprogrammer, not using Pd, or M4L etc - and not sure if they would be useful)..

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